Windows Phone Samples

Samples that show how to use Mobile Services as a backend for your Windows Phone apps.

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Sample: Storing and Retrieving Data off device with Mobile Services in your Windows Phone app

This sample demonstrates how you can quickly store and access data from your Windows Phone app off a device in a cloud service using Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Sample: Authenticate users of your Windows Phone app using Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter & Google with Mobile Services

This sample demonstrates how you can easily wire up your Windows Phone application to require your users to Authenticate against well know social identity providers, such as Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter and Google using Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Sample: Windows Azure Voice Notes

This sample demonstrates the basics of speech recognition for speech-to-text functionality, in addition to the fundamentals of working with Windows Azure Mobile Services to authenticate users and to retrieve and store data in SQL Database tables.

Sample: Custom authentication using either SQL Database or Table storage

In this sample you implement a rudimentary custom authentication scheme in a .NET backend mobile service, then access this authenticated service from a Universal Windows 8.1 app. While using Azure SQL Database storage by default, this sample can be easily converted to use Azure Table storage instead.