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Mobile Services Reference Docs

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Client libraries API reference

API Reference: Client library for .NET

The Azure Mobile Services SDK includes client libraries that enable both Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 app development using XAML and either C# or Visual Basic. This section provides detailed information about using these client libraries.

How to: Use an .NET client with Mobile Services

Learn how to perform common scenarios using a .NET client, including querying for data, inserting, updating, and deleting data, authenticating users, and handling errors.

Service libraries API reference

API Reference: Service library for .NET

The Windows Azure Mobile Services Service library for .NET enables the development of Mobile Services that use a .NET backend. This section provides detailed reference for library.

REST API reference

API Reference: REST API reference

This reference provides general information for working with storage service APIs, as well as specific reference information for each available operation.

Server script reference

How to: Use Mobile Services server scripts

Azure Mobile Services enables you to define custom business logic that is run on the server. This logic is provided as a JavaScript function that is either registered to an insert, read, update, or delete operation on a given table or is assigned to a scheduled job.

API Reference: Server scripts

This reference enables you to create business logic using JavaScript-based server scripts.


How to: Use the command-line tool for Mac and Linux

Find Mobile Service commands to enable backend capabilities for your apps.

Tutorial: Automate mobile services with command-line tools

This topic shows how to use use the Azure command-line tools to automate the creation and management of Azure Mobile Services. It describes how to install the tools and how to perform common tasks including creating a new mobile service, creating a table, registering a script on a table operation, deleting a table, and deleting an existing mobile service.