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This cloud opens one stadium to 450 million fans

The Microsoft Cloud helps Real Madrid create a more personal connection with every fan from Madrid to Mumbai. Watch the video.

Azure App Service Web Apps custom-domain capability generally available

We’re partnering with GoDaddy to simplify the process of purchasing and managing custom domains. Now Azure App Service Web Apps customers can easily add custom domains to their Azure App Service Web Apps account, managing those domains and their web subscriptions within the same portal. The top-level domains available are .com, .net,, .org, .nl, .in, .biz,, and

Azure StorSimple 8000 Series Update 1 generally available

Azure StorSimple 8000 Series Update 1 is a software-only update available via Microsoft Update and installed on shipping units. It offers many new features for the StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage solution, as well as incremental software improvements. Update 1 includes the Migration Tool Kit; support for alternate cloud storage, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack; SDK support for Azure PowerShell; and Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) support.

Live Encoding for Azure Media Services in public preview

Live Encoding for Azure Media Services expands on the industry-proven live cloud platform. It can be combined with dynamic packaging, dynamic encryption, subclipping, dynamic manifest manipulation, ad-marker insertion, and near-seamless live/on-demand capabilities to build comprehensive live and cloud DVR workflows. Common use cases include event-based streaming with dynamic ad insertion, as well as streaming with cloud DVR requirements. This is a public preview of the same Live Encoding technology used to power digital coverage of some of the largest events on the planet, such as Super Bowl XLIX and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Microsoft Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services available

We’ve released Hyperlapse Mobile and Hyperlapse Pro, two groundbreaking applications that offer Microsoft Hyperlapse as a service to developers and media companies. We’ve also released Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services, which integrates our Hyperlapse technology with a media processor in the cloud. With the encoding-reserved-unit concept in Media Services, you can schedule scalable batch processing for your Hyperlapse tasks, parallelizing as many jobs as you need by scaling up your hardware virtually.

Azure Premium Storage generally available

Azure Premium Storage is a solid-state drive (SSD)–based storage offering designed to support I/O-intensive workloads. With Premium Storage, you can add up to 32 TB of persistent storage per virtual machine (VM), with more than 64,000 IOPS per VM and extremely low latencies for read operations. Offering a service-level agreement (SLA) for 99.9 percent availability, Premium Storage is now available in the Australia East region, as well as the West US, East US 2, West Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan West regions previously announced.

Get Azure service-related messaging delivered programmatically

We work diligently to help ensure that our customers experience high service availability, however as with any technology the occasional service disruption may occur. When a service-related issue occurs, customers are encouraged to check for details on the Azure Status Dashboard, or in the Azure portal and Microsoft Azure portal. Now, a programmatic option is available that enables customers to consume alerts using an application programming interface (API). This push notification option helps ensure that customers receive information on potentially service impacting events as quickly as possible. The API can be configured to retrieve service health event logs or email alerts.


Multilingual Azure Search

Azure Friday’s Scott Hanselman learns how Azure Search can search intelligently in multiple languages, whether you use the Microsoft or Apache Lucene language analyzers. Watch now.

Azure IaaS for IT professionals

Check out these free on-demand courses to get technical insights and tips from Azure experts. Build on your foundational cloud skills and get prepared for Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Virtual Machines

In the fourth installment of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals series, the ever-popular Bob Tabor explores Microsoft IaaS offerings by examining Azure Virtual Machines and virtual networks (VNets). This on-demand course shows you how to create and connect to a VM, create an image from a VM, create a cloud-only VNet, and much more.

Debunking Azure Myths

Sr. Technical Evangelist Rick Claus figured it was time to explore some of the myths and misinformation about Azure by talking directly to the engineering team and seeing what they have to say. Watch the first and second episodes of Debunking Azure Myths to find out what’s true and what’s been debunked.

Cloud Cover: Cloud Services in the Microsoft Azure portal

In this episode, learn about the functionality recently released within the Microsoft Azure portal for creating, managing, and monitoring your Cloud Services. During the demo you’ll learn how to create, RDP, VIP swap, rotate certificates, configure Auto Scale, and configure alerts. Watch now.

An Introduction to Azure Machine Learning and Azure ML Studio

Technical Evangelist Sam Stokes kicks off a new multipart DevRadio series on Azure Machine Learning. Tune in for Part 1 as he covers Machine Learning basics, starting with why it’s important, and then walking you through how to use it. You’ll also get an introduction to Azure ML Studio so you can start using it in your applications.

Data Exposed: SQL Server 2016 Managed Backup

Managed Backup was introduced in SQL Server 2014, so this episode of Data Exposed is all about what's new with Managed Backup in SQL Server 2016—including support for system databases, simple recovery mode, customized backup schedules, and more.

You may also enjoy these other Data Exposed episodes:

SQL Server 2016 Operational Analytics: Get an overview of today's operational and analytical landscape in SQL Server.

Transparent Data Encryption: Find out how easy it is to enable this feature in Azure SQL Database.

SQL Database Transactional Replication: Discover how you can move data between on-premises SQL Server and SQL Database.

Learn How to Protect Your Business’s Data with DRaaS

In this on-demand webinar with IDC analyst Peter Rutten, you’ll learn how Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is helping businesses of all sizes to protect their data. You'll get an overview of the DRaaS market, including how the cloud delivers robust and economical options for recovery. Peter also provides concrete guidance on how your company should use these new services to help protect your applications, as well as which services are most appropriate based on the size of your company.

Big Data Analytics with HDInsight: Hadoop on Azure

Developers: Find out how you can turn data into action, how to visualize and monetize it, and how to make it work for you. In this on-demand session, leading experts on big data analytics using Azure HDInsight and Apache Hadoop show you these skills—plus tips and tricks to help you get started right away—so you can make sense of those ever-increasing volumes of data. Watch now.

Top questions IT people asked during the Azure RMS jumpstart

After our third Enterprise Mobility Core Skills episode, it’s time to dive into all of your best questions from the Azure Rights Management Services (RMS) jumpstart. You can also get some  tips on how to take back mobility control, regardless of document type or device platform.

Register for two free upcoming EMS webinars

In Configure Azure RMS for secure sharing, you’ll see how to implement Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) solutions within your organization. Watch a live demo on how to set up Azure RMS to help employees share documents more securely with both internal coworkers and external collaborators. In Streamline new employee onboarding with EMS, we’ll show you how easy it can be to onboard a new employee. And you’ll learn how to simplify setup for corporate computers, devices, and software, helping to relieve IT’s burden and improve the new-hire experience. Check out these webinars and many more!

Chef Blog: DevOps at Microsoft Ignite

The DevOps conversation that started at this year's Ignite conference is still evolving in a major way. Read Chef's insight into the new direction, gathered from more than 1,000 conversations with IT pros, developers, and chief architects—and watch the Azure and Chef session delivered jointly at Ignite.

*Comic source: Reprinted with permission.


SOLOMO provides near real-time analytics at CES with SOLOMO Exchange running on Azure

SOLOMO Technology collects and analyzes rich location data from consumers and their devices, so companies can make smarter business decisions. In 2014 SOLOMO launched SOLOMO Exchange at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Exchange provided CES organizers and exhibitors with analytics about the event’s estimated 200,000 visitors, including the most popular exhibits and speaking engagements, with added insights on show optimization—all in near­-real time. Watch the video to see how SOLOMO Exchange running on Azure, as well as the engagement with Microsoft, ensured the project’s success.

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Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson needed a website that would perform under pressure, and he got it

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For this successful startup helping other startups, a disruptive approach begins with the cloud

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CoreOS is a modern and minimal Linux distribution that provides an easy way to run containers, manage clusters, and seamlessly update your servers—all components that enable warehouse-scale compute.

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Alert Logic Threat Manager with ActiveWatch is designed to provide real-time intrusion monitoring and detection. It also looks at an organization's entire IT infrastructure—including security and compliance posture—for threats that could compromise data or impact system availability. Whether workloads are deployed on Azure or in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, Alert Logic can aggregate all security events and provide a centralized view of the entire environment.

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Zend Server on Azure is designed for both development and production. It is a great way to create higher performing applications, and a great way to run mission critical PHP applications in the cloud. Zend Server is an application server paired with the only certified and supported PHP stack, and is designed to scale applications seamlessly across cloud resources. With features such as: insights on code and application performance, app deployment automation, performance monitoring, request analysis, and configuration management; Zend Server will help your PHP apps run faster, scale better, and stay up longer.

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