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Info Support deploys metering-as-a-service on Azure


Authored by Sander Molenkamp and Rob van Gils from Info Support. Reviewed by Matthew Snider from Microsoft. This article is part of a series about customers who've worked closely with Microsoft on Service Fabric over the last year. We look at why they chose Service Fabric, and we take a closer look at the design of their application. In this installment, we profile Info Support and their Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS) application running on Azure that was built in collaboration with Fudura. The architecture uses Azure Service Fabric, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure Stream Analytics.
Connecting with 500 million passionate fans worldwide

Real Madrid C.F.

With 500 million fans worldwide, the Real Madrid Football Club is among the world’s top sports franchises. But with just a small fraction of those fans in Spain, it needed a way to connect with them—wherever they are in the world—and support their club passion. To accomplish that goal, Real Madrid engaged a Microsoft Services team for help in envisioning, developing, and deploying a global digital sports platform that was built using a wide range of Microsoft cloud services. It takes advantage of the global footprint of Microsoft cloud services to consistently deliver the very best fan experience anywhere in the world. Real Madrid can now engage one-on-one with fans, implement targeted promotional campaigns, and use data to track and analyze fan behaviors, among many other capabilities. Today, club officials report digital revenue growth of 30 percent and could not be more positive about the club’s digital future.
International world trade centre gains control of costly assets with cloud-based IoT

Dubai World Trade Centre

As the region's largest purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) hosts millions of visitors each year. DWTC wanted to improve asset tracking and management for more than 7,000 pieces of costly audio, video, and lighting equipment rented for events. To improve efficiency, DWTC implemented a cloud solution that connects on-premises sensors gateways, ibeacon tags, and an ERP system to the Microsoft Azure IoT services. The venue now has real-time insight into the location and usage of its equipment, and automated processes have improved everything from equipment allocation to inventory management.
Leading security firm in Germany develops safeguards for IoT devices

ABUS Schweiz AG

Germany’s leading security technology specialist ABUS, a manufacturer of high-quality commercial security equipment, faced a problem in securing its Internet of Things (IoT) line of products. To support firmware updates from the cloud, it needed to make some device ports accessible, potentially opening up an exploitable vulnerability. To solve this, ABUS collaborated with Microsoft to build a central gateway solution around the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Azure IoT Hub that allows all IP-enabled devices inside a customer’s network to securely call outside the network for updates. The cloud-based ABUS IoT Gateway is a core strategic asset for the firm’s future growth. It provides customers with a scalable, safe way to connect ABUS IoT devices to the Internet. Want to try it yourself? Try the hands-on labs for Azure IoT Hub. Want to experiment and explore for yourself? Get your free Azure account and receive $200 in credits now.
Robotics developers create a scalable, affordable cloud data management solution using IoT

Blue Frog

Blue Frog Robotics in Paris needed an efficient and scalable data management system for its companion robot, Buddy, which it will soon begin delivering for home and family use. The robot is an affordable, one-time purchase that will become an integral part of life for many families. The dev team had to build a solution with stable, predictable costs to ensure that expenses over time would work with the Blue Frog business model. An architecture incorporating Microsoft Azure Event Hub, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Stream Analytics provided the agility needed, as well as strong analytics and reporting capabilities. Plus, a modest per-robot cost presents plenty of opportunities for both Blue Frog and third-party developers to expand services for Buddy in the future. Want to try it yourself? Try the hands-on labs for Azure IoT Hub. Want to experiment and explore for yourself? Get your free Azure account and receive $200 in credits now.
T-Systems delivers real-time insights from virtually any machine or device with IoT


T-Systems, a global leader in information and communication technologies, is helping organizations in many industries gain instant insight into virtually all kinds of digitally connected “things”—including industrial machines, cars, appliances, and mobile devices—with an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution that runs on Microsoft Azure. The transformative solution ingests and deciphers any kind and amount of data in real time. Customers can store their data anywhere they choose, in the cloud or on-premises. They can also analyze their data, along with information from existing systems, using preconfigured solutions by T-Systems, which are based on Microsoft Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. Hundreds of organizations are already using the seven-month-old IoT solution to drive innovation and growth.
Developers help build a safe, standardized flight platform for industrial drones with Azure IoT Hub


Commercial and industrial drones will soon handle tasks ranging from agricultural observation to reconnaissance after a natural disaster. To prevent risks to public safety, drone operators need a way to predict when a drone needs maintenance or may fail. To fill this need, Japanese company DroneWorks is building a standardized industrial drone management system that can predict maintenance needs and malfunctions. The development team is using Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge as a scalable, secure solution for collecting and analyzing flight data from the dozens of sensors on a drone. Azure Stream Analytics and Microsoft Power BI currently help to visualize the data and make it actionable. The solution provides a solid foundation for implementing Azure Machine Learning, which will drive predictive maintenance and ultimately advance DroneWorks efforts to encourage adoption of a standard, safe drone management system. Want to try it yourself? Try the hands-on labs for Azure IoT Hub. Want to experiment and explore for yourself? Get your free Azure account and receive $200 in credits now.
Why is BitTitan still growing 50–100 percent a year after 10 years?


To sharpen its marketing and sales, BitTitan—which provides solutions to help IT service providers run their businesses—turned to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI. Now, it understands social media response to its product launches and other marketing fast enough to optimize its messaging and boost engagement numbers. Additionally, BitTitan used Microsoft technology to improve the quality of leads it offered as sales inducements to its partners—boosting their businesses along with its own.
Developers use Azure IoT Hub to provide free Wi-Fi to customers and create new revenue opportunities

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Air Line cable car, owned by Transport for London, runs 1.5 kilometers across the Thames River in London, England. Transport for London wanted to improve customer service while operating its cable car service more efficiently and cost-effectively. Working with Microsoft partner TBS Services, the transport authority developed a solution combining Microsoft Azure, TV White Spaces, and other technologies to provide free Wi-Fi service to passengers, enhancing customer service and creating new revenue opportunities. It is also obtaining the accurate and timely insights it needs to improve operations and perform predictive maintenance on its cable car equipment. Want to try it yourself? Try the hands-on labs for Azure IoT Hub. Want to experiment and explore for yourself? Get your free Azure account and receive $200 in credits now.

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