Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
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TEXA’s revolutionary IoT solution for vehicle owners helps save time, money, gas—and possibly lives


TEXA S.p.A. is one of the first companies to give consumers, fleet managers, and mechanics mobile access to useful insights compiled from vehicles’ computers. In a few seconds, customers can see data about engine health and fuel consumption as well as metrics ranking driving skills. Customers can also configure the solution to notify paramedics and police automatically if their vehicles are in an accident or vandalized. What made this kind of solution possible is TEXA’s innovative use of technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Microsoft Azure.
Turkish media company entertains more consistently in the cloud

Dogus Media Group

The Doğuş Media Group (DMG), the leading media company in Turkey, owns multiple local media outlets and also represents global brands such as National Geographic and Condé Nast in Turkey. To deliver a better and more consistent viewing experience across its many web properties, DMG is replatforming all its media websites using Microsoft Azure platform services. With this move, DMG has gained on-demand infrastructure scalability, uninterrupted availability, and a faster innovation cycle—all of which keeps viewers coming back for more.
Power BI harnessing the potential of data


Retail technology specialist WorldSmart was already the largest point of sale (POS) technology provider to independent grocery retailers in Australia. Its success was built on integrating POS, loyalty, and digital marketing programs to create comprehensive retail solutions. But key leaders wondered if there was some way to get more out of the wealth of information already being gathered? The answer? Quite a bit, especially if they harnessed the potential, power, and magic of real-time reporting and insightful visualizations of data.
Sulekha uses Azure DocumentDB to connect customers and businesses across India  


  Figure 1. Overview of Sulekha’s infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the Coca-Cola Bottle with Cortana Intelligence


Maybe none of us will ever become a 100-year-old American icon, but there is one we can all take a picture with. Coca-Cola is celebrating the 100th birthday of its famous bottle, a shape designed to be so familiar that people would “recognize it even if they felt it in the dark.” More than 5 billion of the bottles were sent to US troops in WWII, and those famous curves are now recognized the world over. They have been memorialized by Andy Warhol and featured in museum exhibits. They&r…
Keeping the Power on When You Need It Most

Cummins, Inc.

From the roar of some of the first diesel automobiles to the proving grounds of the Indianapolis 500 and the lights that illuminate some of the world’s most magnificent landmarks, Cummins has been making history for nearly 100 years. It creates the world’s most reliable, clean, and efficient engines, and the systems that keep us warm, safe, and connected. Whether keeping the power on when disaster strikes or powering critical systems in hospitals, people rely on Cummins Power Generati…
Linen service routes orders through the cloud to expand business and solve order problems faster

Mission Linen Supply

When Ben Page launched his linen and uniform rental business in 1930, business was done with a smile and a handshake. His California company, Mission Linen Supply, is still family-owned but today serves thousands of businesses across the United States. The company works hard to find modern ways to maintain the company’s intense focus on personalized customer service. Gain control of our online destiny Until recently, Mission stuck to Ben Page’s founding focus …
Opportunity heats up as Honeywell connects with homeowners

Honeywell Inc.

A household name takes on new meaning More than 125 years ago, an inventor named Albert Burtz invented the “damper flapper,” an early predecessor of the thermostat. The invention of the damper flapper signaled the birth of Honeywell, a company that now employs 129,000 people in 70 countries. Since its inception, Honeywell has become quite literally a household name, adorning the walls of more than 150 million homes with its thermostats and home security systems. Today, Honeywe…
Canadian power generator shines light on numbers


Sometimes, shining a little more light on a problem can help uncover the solution, which is exactly what Canadian power generator TransAlta discovered recently while trying to figure out how to get more detail out of the data it was collecting. It wasn’t so much that TransAlta wasn’t getting the data. The company had been collecting data from its SCADA systems for years. The existing data collection solution was off mainstream support from the vendor, and a cos…
The cloud gives this renewables developer a glimpse into the future—and that’s a competitive advantage

juwi Holding AG

For juwi, a major developer of renewable energy projects worldwide, knowing the current status of its wind facilities is no longer enough. It needs to know their future status, too. And with Resolto Prognos on Microsoft Azure, it does. juwi uses the Prognos predictive analytics solution to identify major plant failures before they occur, so it can buy parts and schedule and implement maintenance at lower cost—and improve uptime at the same time. The result can reduce costs dramatically for customers.

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