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Kansas State sets sights on top 50 distinction with an enterprise data analytics platform

Kansas State University

Kansas State University has a rich history. Opened in 1863—the same year that Kansas became part of the United States—it was the first fully operational land-grant college in America. One hundred and fifty four years later, the school has impressive numbers—it has awarded $230 million in scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs across its four campuses and 25,000 students—and lofty goals to match: K-State has committed to becoming a top 50 public research university by 2025. Achieving that distinction will put the institution in good company. Purdue, NYU, Wake Forest, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, and Emory all made the list last year.1 K-State’s pledge to join them has required a massive rethink in the way the school views and applies data. Enter the K-State analytics team.
Creating real-time conversations with consumers, wherever they are


Targetbase helps consumer packaged goods and retail companies better engage with their customers. It does this by presenting relevant offers to consumers in real time, across devices and marketing channels. To create this real-time, anytime, anyplace consumer conversation, Targetbase rewrote its marketing platform using Microsoft Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Azure analytics. By using the Cortana Intelligence Suite, Targetbase gained instant access to sophisticated machine learning, cognitive services, and data management capabilities. With Azure, Targetbase can quickly set up new customers, expand and scale anywhere in the world, and cut datacenter costs in half. Most importantly, Targetbase has transformed its offering with uniquely differentiated capabilities.
Mortgage banker unlocks data with cloud-based analytics service, gains insight, and boosts advantage

Sierra Pacific Mortgage

Any American resident who has recently purchased a home may be forgiven for thinking the mortgage business is still firmly ensconced in a paper-based industry. Until recently, the 850 employees at Sierra Pacific Mortgage would have agreed. But today, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, one of the largest independent mortgage bankers in the United States, is in the midst of a digital transformation. Sierra Pacific Mortgage uses a cloud-based business analytics service from Access Business Technologies, a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partner, to gain unprecedented visibility into the business. Sierra Pacific Mortgage is reducing the delays of paper-based processes to accelerate loan processing, boost customer service, and drive its competitive advantage in a digital age.
Toshiba uses IOT data services to keep customers up and running

Toshiba America Business Solutions

Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) sells digital signage and multifunction printers (MFPs), along with a complete set of maintenance and management services to help customers optimize their digital and paper communications. TABS created two Internet of Things (IoT) analytics solutions—e-BRIDGE™ CloudConnect and CloudConnect Data Services—based on Microsoft Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, including Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Using e-BRIDGE, TABS remotely gathers device health data from thousands of installed devices and preemptively dispatches service technicians with the correct parts to perform repairs. With CloudConnect Data Services, TABS analyzes device health and repair history data to continuously improve product design and component choices. These solutions have helped the company improve device uptime and reduce service costs.
Delivering epic Xbox experiences by analyzing hundreds of billions of game events each day

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Studios produces some of the world’s most popular game titles including the Halo, Minecraft, and Forza Motorsport series. To enhance the gaming experience, Microsoft Studios created a big-data solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform including Azure SQL Data Warehouse. By analyzing live game-play, diverse development teams are gaining insights to improve game performance and customer satisfaction.
Leading rewards program offers better insights with Azure

Maritz Motivation Solutions

When many of the world’s largest companies want to reward their employees, salespeople, suppliers, or loyal customers, they turn to Maritz Motivation Solutions to design and implement programs that get results. What Maritz knows is that, at their core, incentive programs are data programs. So when it wanted to consolidate its data and optimize data analytics to improve the insights it delivers to clients, Maritz Motivation Solutions turned to Microsoft Azure and Power BI.
Unique and powerful use of cloud sets innovative new standards in the public sector


To achieve its goal of supporting sport within the country the Bahrain Olympic Committee turned to the Azure cloud to create a hybrid data center to host an innovative open data platform and provide executives with mission critical financial data. The move is changing the way it operates, providing valuable insight for management while opening its doors to the public.
Business transformation by moving to the cloud: integrating Document Management System with Microsoft Azure

Jeju Air

JEJU Air transforms its business with Microsoft Azure. JEJU Air replaced paper-based manual which is heavy and unconvenient to browse information with electronic documents based on Microsoft Azure SharePoint, and integrated scattered sales management data into one place. Microsoft Azure helps JEJU Air to not only improve work efficiency but also come forward in the industry to position as comprehensive service provider beyond the airline.
Realizing Always-on Digital Signage Services: Cloud-based Management System Enhances The Service Availability

LG Electronics

LG Electronics has implemented IoT and remote-control management system into Digital Signage service. As Digital Signage should be always on 24x7 until it ends the life, maintaining the availability is the core of services. To monitor the device status and to detect and correct errors predictively, LG Electronics built the identifying system by utilizing sensors on the display and media player. As a result, LG Electronics stepped forward to provide ‘service-driven businesses’ by fixing failures before they really occur.
Carnival Cruises is testing the waters with machine learning in the Cortana Intelligence Suite

Carnival Cruises

Churning an ocean of data Keeping a cruise ship afloat is not only a jaw-dropping example of the principles of physics, it also is a massive mechanical operation requiring complex industrial equipment that works around the clock keeping engines, boilers, and fans running smoothly below deck. On the ships of the Costa Group, a fleet of 26 cruise ships that sail all over the world, the industrial equipment is arrayed with thousands of sensors that collect data in real time. As part of its enterpri…

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