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Microsoft’s world-class finance organization digitally transforms forecasting with innovative machine learning solution

Microsoft Corporation

Revenue forecasting is required by most enterprises for critical-business decisions such as resource allocation, performance management, and inventory optimization. However, most organizations today rely on manual forecasts created in spreadsheets and based on a significant amount of human judgement. Taking advantage of Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft’s world-class finance, data science, and IT groups teamed up to create a new forecast solution based on machine learning that combines the best of human and machine intelligence. Forecasting 100 percent of Microsoft’s revenue, the solution provides accurate and automated predictions on demand. As a result, it enables business leaders to enhance their deep expertise with data-driven, baseline forecasts.
With Azure, startup unlocks the door to rapid business growth and innovation in smart homes market


UniKey, a provider of digital key technologies for smart locks, built a rapidly growing business on the Microsoft Azure platform. Manufacturing partners can bring new smart access control products to market quickly, and the “eKey” is now expanding to markets across the world. As a result, UniKey’s revenue has increased by 500 percent each year since the first smart-lock products launched in 2013. And with doors that unlock with a single touch, consumers are finally seeing The Jetsons come to life.
Expanding smart factories from production to management


LG CNS developed the cloud based smart factory solution ezUMS. By collecting real-time data pouring from factories or products and implementing machine learning, the solution allows management of production to forecast of breakdown. Above the all, technologies that were provided in a cloud and SI form transformed into service products.
This global appliance maker needed a crystal ball to anticipate business needs. What it got was even better.

Arçelik A.Ş.

Customer service drives customer satisfaction. And, for global appliance maker Arçelik A.Ş., having the right spare parts available anytime and anywhere they’re needed is essential to serving its customers quickly and effectively. But an outdated forecasting system wasn’t able to meet that need. So, Arçelik A.Ş. turned to a solution based on Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite. Now, forecasting accuracy is up to 80 percent, inventory turnover is expected to climb by 10 percent, service calls are made faster and more cost-effectively, and—best of all—customers are happier. So is Arçelik A.Ş.
Carnival Cruises is testing the waters with machine learning in the Cortana Intelligence Suite

Carnival Cruises

Churning an ocean of data Keeping a cruise ship afloat is not only a jaw-dropping example of the principles of physics, it also is a massive mechanical operation requiring complex industrial equipment that works around the clock keeping engines, boilers, and fans running smoothly below deck. On the ships of the Costa Group, a fleet of 26 cruise ships that sail all over the world, the industrial equipment is arrayed with thousands of sensors that collect data in real time. As part of its enterpri…
Finning helps clients increase efficiency and revenue in tough market conditions with IoT, BI, and Azure

Finning International Inc.

The dramatic contraction in the mining industry is forcing mining companies to find new ways to increase yields and reduce costs. Finning—the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer—realized it could help customers improve operational processes with insight from an untapped resource: big data from machine sensors. Each machine has an onboard information system that gives mechanics diagnostic information. Although individually the data is modest, machines and applications co…
Supporting Public Education Policies with Microsoft Power BI, Machine Learning with Cortana

Centro de Investigación Avanzada en Educación (CIAE)

Within the framework of the educational reform, it has become necessary to be able to visualize the landscape of Chilean education beyond what goes on in the classroom. This drove the Advanced Educational Research Center teams (CIAE) from the University of Chile and from the Adolfo Ibáñez University, led by industrial and civil engineer Patricio Rodríguez, to develop a platform that allowed them to publish information that was not being taken into account when dealing with the problems faced by the educational system.
Intelligent energy management is Cloud-based


By leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure, tools and services, Intelen offers energy providers a versatile and flexible data analysis, strategic planning and customer digital management solution, while helping end users adopt an environmentally friendly attitude.
Opportunity heats up as Honeywell connects with homeowners

Honeywell Inc.

A household name takes on new meaning More than 125 years ago, an inventor named Albert Burtz invented the “damper flapper,” an early predecessor of the thermostat. The invention of the damper flapper signaled the birth of Honeywell, a company that now employs 129,000 people in 70 countries. Since its inception, Honeywell has become quite literally a household name, adorning the walls of more than 150 million homes with its thermostats and home security systems. Today, Honeywe…

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