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The future of development: driven by data, connected by the cloud

As a developer, you hold the key to the potential of each application you build. And each wave of innovation offers an opportunity to push your apps into new territory and unlock more of that potential. Now, the next wave has arrived: using data to create more engaging and useful applications at scale. By devving with data from the start and building on advanced analytics, you’ll gain the advantage you need to stay ahead of the game. Get started today with a few developer-focused examples that break down the process of building amazing apps with data.

Make data the heart of your applications

Applications have traditionally moved data back and forth passively, from the user to the database, barely transforming or processing it along the way. Today, with data connected by the cloud and readily accessible, it’s easy to unpack the information within your data, uncover trends and anomalies, identify the sentiment or elements of pictures and video, automatically transcribe media elements, or pull actionable insights from what used to be large blobs stored as black boxes. When data plays a central role, you’re empowered to build powerful, innovative apps that stand out in the market.

Reimagine your applications with evolution in mind

While it’s important to continually improve performance, security, and reach, the real value lies in evolving, not just improving. Whether you’re building a web app, a mobile app, or an Internet of Things (IoT) app, its potential lies in making the most of all the data you have available—structured and unstructured—and incorporating new data that can expand your possibilities. For instance, try using information from other systems, public sources, historic transactions, or even binary files that can now be analyzed with AI to get a holistic view of your customer and your domain. You’ll discover new ways to improve your app’s performance and create an enhanced, personalized customer experience.

Start building innovative, data-driven solutions

It’s nearly impossible to become an expert on new opportunities overnight. However, taking a fresh look at your backlog, your product, your customers, and the data you have at hand can help you discover exciting new territory. If you’re ready to get ahead by going all in on data, try these interactive, development-centered walkthroughs to spark ideas and get started quickly.

Personalize apps in real time at a global scale

Build a more engaging customer experience through real-time personalization with Azure Cosmos DB—a globally distributed, multi-model database service with native support for NoSQL.

Build powerful transactional business apps on a fully managed platform

Add flexibility and scalability to your business apps with Azure SQL Database and Azure Cosmos DB—both designed to help developers build on massive amounts of relational-and non-relational data.

Add intelligence to your global applications with big data solutions from Azure

Learn how to build a big data processing pipeline that makes it easier to process structured and unstructured data at scale and apply artificial intelligence for deeper insights.