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Microsoft Build 2017

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Learn about how some of the most innovative developers out there are designing solutions with Azure.

Last year ASOS re-platformed their ecommerce suite on Azure PaaS, using a microservice approach. Doing so required them to adapt their engineering approach to allow 35 teams work in parallel. They’ll walk through the architecture and focus on the engineering approaches, practices and tooling that allowed them to deliver.

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Learn how ASOS built its ecommerce platform using microservices on Azure and had a record-breaking holiday season

Come hear how Next Games, the disruptive mobile gaming company who owns exclusive license for games related to the hit TV series "The Walking Dead," has built its infrastructure and a generative platform on Azure. You will learn how to run games (or any service) as a service, and hear about the experiences, mistakes and lessons learned along their journey.

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How to run massively scaling mobile games on Azure

CarMax, the largest used car dealer in the United States, sees more than 15 million visitors per month to their website hosted in Microsoft Azure. CarMax engineers discuss wins and lessons learned in building scalable and fault-isolated microservices using (1) Azure Functions, Service Bus and other Azure PaaS offerings and (2) automated provisioning using ARM templates.

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Automated provisioning of Azure Functions on

Service Fabric builds the foundation of the digital platform at Swiss Re. The platform is highly scalable and able to process millions of messages. This session demonstrates how to process and enrich messages in Service Fabric using reliable actors and state full/stateless services. Swiss Re starts with an architecture overview of the solution and will then immediately dive into the implementation. We show two parts in detail: how to consume messages from EventHubs at scale by leveraging stateful services; and using Stream Analytics with the Avro protocol to prepare hopping windows for maneuver detection.

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Service Fabric architecture in the Swiss Re Digital Platform: An IoT scenario

Brainshark is working on building a platform that combines HoloLens, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning to put humans in an interactive meeting simulation, and score their performance using objective ML models. Come and check out this highly interactive session where we demonstrate how we built a real-world simulator powered by advanced Azure services in real time. We also show you how we are able to leverage Azure Cognitive Services and a custom Azure ML model to provide objective feedback on public speaking and presentation skills using a microservice approach based on Azure functions, WebJobs, and API Apps. Look under the hood and see how we’re leveraging next generation Microsoft technologies to improve human to human interactions.

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How Brainshark is making salespeople better through artificial intelligence and Microsoft HoloLens

How Wolters Kluwer built their massive scale, compute, data, and tenant isolated job system and mapped their containerization strategy to Azure Service Fabric. Wolters Kluwer moved from a monolith existing design to a microservices design, leveraging multiple Azure platforms including Service Fabric for building mission-critical applications. Hear about lessons learned and best practices including monitoring, isolation, and containerization, in transforming to a microservice architecture.

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How Wolters Kluwer created an isolated job system and containerization strategy on Azure Service Fabric