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Updated IP addresses for AppFabric Data Centers

Posted on June 10, 2011

[This article was contributed by the AppFabric team.]

Today (6/10/2010) the Windows Azure AppFabric has updated the IP ranges on which the AppFabric nodes are hosted. If your firewall restricts outbound traffic, you will need to perform the additional step of opening your outbound TCP ports and IP addresses for these nodes. Please see the 1/28/2010 “Additional Data Centers for Windows Azure AppFabric” for full list of IP ranges, which was updated today to include changes shown below.

Updates made today are shown below:

Added IPs 

United States (South/Central),

United States (North/Central),,,,,,,,,,,,

United States (North/West),,,,,,

Europe (North)

Europe (West),,,,,,,,,

Asia (Southeast),,,

Asia (East),,,,,,

Removed IPs 


The AppFabric Team.