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SQL Azure Quick Links

Posted on May 13, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

This is a work in progress blog post that gives you easy links to SQL Azure resources. We will be updating it frequently with current links and additional resources. Make sure to book mark it.


SQL Azure Portal: Where you manage your servers and database, including: creating new databases, configuring your firewall, etc.

Microsoft Online Customer Portal: Manage your account, billing, and services.

Windows Azure Platform Status Dashboard: Provides the current status of the health of the Windows Azure Platform. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed here

Windows Azure Platform Support Links: Here you can report an issue with your service or bill, request an increase to your quota, plus links to the Windows Azure Platform forums

SQL Azure Pricing:  Here you will find the official pricing for SQL Azure, including any current promotions.


MSDN Development Center: Jump off site for information on developing and managing SQL Azure.

Channel 9 Videos: Videos tagged with SQL Azure in Channel 9.

MSDN Documentation: MSDN Documentation on SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Forums: Ask questions and get help. This is the direct link as noted in the support links above.

Wiki Articles: TechNet Featured Wiki Articles about SQL Azure.


SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 Express: The free version of SQL Server Management Studio, including BCP,  and SQLCMD.

Data Sync Services for SQL Azure: The CTP version of SQL Azure to SQL Azure synchronization found in SQL Azure Labs.

Adventure Works Database for SQL Azure: Sample database for SQL Azure based on Adventure Works.

SQL Azure Data Sync

Data Sync Quick Start: Quick start for developers using SQL Azure Data Sync.

Data Sync Download: Download SQL Azure Data Sync, read the Quick Start first so that you have installed the prerequisites.

Marketing Marketing Site: Official site giving details of the database product and services available.


SQL Azure Team Blog: News, Development Tips. You are here.

SQL Azure Feature Voting: Feature request and voting for SQL Azure.