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Published • 5 min read

Unlocking the potential of in-network computing for telecommunication workloads 

By Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators

As we continue to explore the frontiers of in-network computing, we see a future rife with possibilities, exciting research directions, and new deployments in production environments. Our present efforts with TEA and ExoPlane have shown us what’s possible with on-rack resource augmentation and elastic in-network computing.

Cloud Cultures, Part 3: The pursuit of excellence in the United Kingdom 

By Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cloud for Industry

Our two data center regions in the United Kingdom have been live for nearly a decade and built to help support the exploding growth of the cloud in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Published • 4 min read

Driving performance and enhancing services across Three UK’s 5G network 

By GM, Azure for Operators

Azure Operator Insights enables carriers like Three UK to collect, organize, and process large datasets, providing valuable business insights and improving customer experiences, in part by optimizing the efficiency of time-to-insight. What would have previously taken weeks or months to assess, will now be possible to perform in minutes with AI.

Published • 10 min read

Microsoft and Accenture partner to tackle methane emissions with AI technology 

By Principal Program Manager, Senior Applied Scientist Manager, Senior Applied Scientist, Senior Applied Scientist, and Principal Program Manager

Microsoft’s focus on sustainability-related efforts forms the backdrop for the topic tackled in this blogpost: our partnership with Accenture on the application of AI technologies toward solving the challenging problem of methane emissions detection, quantification, and remediation in the oil and gas industry.

Published • 5 min read

Efficiently store data with Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier—now generally available 

By Vice President of Product Management, Azure Storage, and Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage Engineering

Azure Blob Storage is optimized for storing massive amounts of unstructured data. With blob access tiers, you can store your data in the most cost-effective way, based on how frequently it will be accessed and how long it will be retained.