Announcing General Availability of Oracle Software on Windows Azure and Updates to Windows Azure Traffic Manager

Posted on March 12, 2014

One of the core tenets of Windows Azure is to provide customers an open and flexible platform. Today marks an exciting milestone as we move the partnership with Oracle to the next step. Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server and Java are now generally available with license-included virtual machine images. These images are conveniently located in the Windows Azure Image Gallery. Whether you’re an Oracle administrator or a Java developer, you now have additional flexibility and the confidence that your Oracle software on Windows Azure  will be fully supported by Oracle. You can find more details on the Windows Azure website.

Windows Azure Traffic Manager now supports Windows Azure Web Sites

We are also delighted to announce that Windows Azure Traffic Manager now supports Azure websites as endpoints, in addition to cloud services. With this update, customers can get the benefits of load balancing or redirection of web traffic across multiple regions using the performance, failover or round-robin Traffic Manager rules. For more information on using Windows Azure Traffic Manager, please visit the Traffic Managerwebsite, and for more information on using Windows Azure Web Sites, please visit the Web Siteswebsite.