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Azure Edge Zones extends Azure services to the edge

Published date: 31 March, 2020

Azure Edge Zones combines the power of Azure, 5G, carriers and operators around the world to enable new scenarios for developers, customers and partners. These new offerings are coming to preview and will help local telecoms and carrier partners drive new solutions for business and society, including autonomous vehicles, smart cities, virtual reality and other smart industry use cases.   

New 5G customer scenarios with Azure Edge Zones
Azure Edge Zones extends Azure and delivers consistent Azure services and management to the edge with 5G unlocking new scenarios by enabling:

  • Development of distributed applications across cloud, on-premises and edge using the same Azure Portal, APIs and security tools.
  • Local data processing for latency critical industrial IoT and media services workloads.
  • Acceleration of IoT, AI and real-time analytics by optimising, building and innovating for robotics, mixed reality and automation tools.
  • New frontiers for developers working with high-density graphics and real-time operations in industries such as gaming.

To learn more, read the blog post, documentation and visit the product page.

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