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    July 2019

    19 Jul

    Azure Security Center launched new network recommendations

    There are new and updated Azure Security Center networking recommendations.

    June 2019

    26 Jun

    Security Advisory: Patching Azure HDInsight clusters to address Linux Kernel TCP vulnerabilities

    Azure HDInsight has updated against the vulnerabilities that affect the Linux kernel.

    19 Jun

    Just-in-time access now supports Azure Firewall

    Just-in-time (JIT) virtual machine (VM) access can now be used with Azure Firewall.

    19 Jun

    New ASC Threat Protection alerts for Azure Resource Manager (Preview)

    Azure Security Centre offers new security alerts (in preview) that detect unusual or potentially harmful operations using Azure Resource Manager service layer.

    18 Jun

    Azure Bastion - RDP and SSH over SSL - now available for Preview

    Fully managed service for seamless and secure RDP/SSH access to your virtual machines without public IP on the VM.

    12 Jun

    Security Center recommendations and their corresponding policy names are aligned

    Now it is easier to find the relevant policy that match a recommendation and enable/disable it.

    12 Jun

    Adaptive Network Hardening in Security Center - now generally available

    Adaptive Network Hardening provides recommendations to further harden the NSG rules

    12 Jun

    Improved integration of Azure Security Center with Azure Advisor is now available

    You can now get clear visibility and reporting for your Azure Security Center recommendations in Azure Advisor

    12 Jun

    Advanced Data Security available for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

    Advanced data security is now available for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Protect your SQL Server installations on Azure VMs with Microsoft’s advanced data security capabilities using just a few simple steps.

    May 2019

    31 May

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure Front Door service is now generally available

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure Front Door service is now generally available. Customers can use WAF to define security policies that allow, block, forward or rate limit access to their web applications delivered through Azure Front Door.

    30 May

    Azure Monitor for VMs has a new data set for bound ports

    The VMBoundPort data set is now available for Azure Monitor for VMs customers in all supported Log Analytics workspace regions, including East US and West Europe.

    29 May

    Geo Disaster Recovery available in Event Grid

    Automatic server-side geo disaster recovery of metadata in Event Grid is now available on the service.

    29 May

    Adaptive network hardening in Azure Security Center is now available

    With the adaptive network hardening feature, Security Center learns the network traffic and connectivity patterns of your Azure workloads and provides you with NSG rule recommendations for your internet facing virtual machines.

    22 May

    General Availability: Azure DDoS Protection Standard introduces DDoS Alert integration with Azure Security Center

    We are announcing the ability for DDoS Protection Standard customers to view DDoS Alerts in Azure Security Center (ASC) and this capability is generally available for all ASC and DDoS Standard customers.

    21 May

    Identity Secure Score in the Azure AD Portal

    Gain visibility and control over your security posture by discovering opportunities that will help to improve security across your organisation

    21 May

    Azure log integration tool deprecation

    Azure log integration (AzLog) tool will be deprecated on 15th June 2019.

    20 May

    Azure Security Center new analytics agent for Linux

    Azure Security Center is beginning roll out of a new Azure Linux analytics agent to improve the onboarding of Linux VMs and servers to Security Center

    16 May

    Azure AD Conditional Access policy for the combined MFA and password reset security info registration experience

    Control the conditions in which sensitive security information for multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset can be registered.

    16 May

    Network Security Group service tag for Azure Backup is now available

    NSG service tag for Azure Backup aims to ease the process of running backups in an environment locked down using NSGs. With this, you now have the option to simply use the ‘AzureBackup’ tag to allow outbound access to Azure Backup for your workload (SQL server) agent running inside the VM, instead of managing whitelisting of required IPs.

    14 May

    Expansion of the password character limit in Azure AD

    Passwords for accounts created in Azure AD can now be up to 256 characters including spaces.