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January 2020

22 Jan

Azure Databricks Is now HITRUST certified


Azure Databricks is now certified for the HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF®), the most widely coveted security accreditation for the healthcare industry. With this certification, health care customers can now use volumes of clinical data to drive innovation using Azure Databricks, without any worry about security and risk.

  • Azure Databricks
1 Jan

Azure Bastion now generally available in East US 2 and West US 2


Azure Bastion is now generally available in two more Azure public cloud regions—East US 2 and West US 2. We'll continue to add more regions going forward.

  • Azure Bastion
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Virtual Network
  • Azure DevTest Labs

December 2019

11 Dec

New Azure PowerShell module is available in preview


The new PowerShell module for Azure provides updates to all Azure services and comes with a preview module for Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Functions.

  • Cloud Shell
9 Dec

Azure Functions 3.0 go-live release is now available


The go-live release for Azure Functions 3.0 is now available, so it’s now possible to build and deploy 3.0 functions in production. Functions 3.0 brings new capabilities including the ability to target .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12.

  • Azure Functions
6 Dec

Azure Sphere update 19.11 is now available via retail feed


The Azure Sphere preview, OS version 19.11, is now available via the retail feed. This release includes a quality release of the OS along with two new features for application development—an SDK for Linux and a Visual Studio Code extension.

  • Azure Sphere

November 2019

13 Nov

GitHub Actions for Azure are now generally available


GitHub Actions, now generally available, make it possible to create simple, yet powerful workflows to automate software compilation and delivery and are integrated with GitHub.

7 Nov

Update 19.10 for Azure Sphere now available


The Azure Sphere public preview 19.10 quality release of the OS is now available via the Retail feed. The 19.10 release also includes a new Azure Sphere SDK with some significant capability enhancements.

  • Azure Sphere
4 Nov

Updates to profiler and tracing capabilities in Azure Monitor Application Insights


The ability to specify CPU and memory thresholds for the Application Insights Profiler is now available, so you now have better control of when to collect traces.

  • Azure Monitor
4 Nov

Visual Studio Online is now in preview


Create cloud-powered development environments that work with your favourite tools or a built-in browser-based editor.

4 Nov

Azure CLI update is now available


The latest version of the Azure CLI contains several exciting new features across the Azure platform including networking command, native support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and SQL serverless database support, in addition to others.

4 Nov

Web apps migration experience now available in Azure Migrate


Azure Migrate now provides a dedicated experience for migrating .NET web applications to Azure App Service

  • App Service
  • Azure Migrate

October 2019

29 Oct

The unique identifier for your Azure billing account has changed


Your billing account’s unique identifier, which is used to identify your billing relationship with Microsoft, has changed. This change only affects accounts under the Microsoft Customer Agreement with Microsoft—it does not impact other agreements like Enterprise Agreement.

23 Oct

Azure Service Fabric 6.5 fifth refresh release


The Azure Service Fabric 6.5 fifth refresh release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

23 Oct

Changes are coming to the Azure Sphere SDK in the next release


The next release of the Azure Sphere SDK will bring significant enhancements in response to great feedback from the community.

  • Azure Sphere
23 Oct

Batch API for Blob Storage

Batch API for Azure Blob Storage preview simplifies development of your applications that make several concurrent API requests to Blob storage. Batch API reduces the number of connections a client has to open, manage and distribute the requests to by allowing multiple API calls to be embedded into a single HTTP request. Currently the API supports two types of sub-requests: SetBlobTier for Block Blobs and DeleteBlob, with more requests to follow. This API is available starting version 2018-11-09.

  • Blob Storage
9 Oct

Azure Sphere 19.09 release adds new use cases for enterprise customers


Update 19.09 for Azure Sphere public preview now available in Retail feed

  • Azure Sphere

August 2019

23 Aug

Azure Service Fabric 6.5 third refresh release is now available


The Azure Service Fabric 6.5 third refresh release, which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements, has started rolling out to various Azure regions. The updates for .NET SDK, Java SDK and Service Fabric Runtime will soon be available for all regions through Web Platform Installer, NuGet packages and Maven repositories.

14 Aug

Azure Service Fabric 6.5 Second Refresh Release is Now Available


Azure Service Fabric 6.5 Second Refresh Release rolled out last month with key announcements, along with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • Service Fabric
14 Aug

Service Fabric Azure Resource Manager (ARM) application and service deployment is now generally available


The deployment of Service Fabric applications as resources via Azure Resource Manager is now generally available.

  • Service Fabric
14 Aug

New tool for automating load testing of Power BI Embedded capacities now available


A tool for automating load testing of Power BI Embedded capacities helps you understand how much user load your capacity can handle when used. It uses PowerShell to create automated load tests against your capacities and lets you choose which reports to test and how many concurrent users to simulate.

  • Power BI Embedded

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