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    May 2019

    29 May

    Azure NetApp Files is now generally available

    Azure NetApp Files, an Azure first-party service, is a powerful file-storage service to run your most demanding file workloads in Azure, without the need for any code modification.

    November 2018

    1 Nov

    Kubernetes on Azure Stack in preview

    We now support Kubernetes cluster deployment on Azure Stack, a certified Kubernetes Cloud Provider. Install Kubernetes using Azure Resource Manager templates generated by ACS-Engine on Azure Stack.

    1 Nov

    Enterprise backup for SQL Servers in Azure Virtual Machines

    Users can backup their SQL Servers running in Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). This workload backup capability is built as an infrastructure-less, pay-as-you-go service that uses native SQL backup and restore APIs to provide a comprehensive solution to backup SQL servers running in Azure IaaS VMs.

    1 Nov

    Azure Stack—FedRAMP High documentation now available

    FedRAMP High documentation is now available for Azure Stack customers.

    1 Nov

    Event Hubs on Azure Stack

    Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service, capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second, that can now run on Azure Stack.

    1 Nov

    Service Fabric now available on Azure Stack

    Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers, is now available on Azure Stack.

    October 2018

    2 Oct

    Disaster recovery for Azure Disk Encryption–enabled virtual machines

    You can replicate virtual machines, enabled for encryption through the Azure Active Directory app, from one Azure region to another region.

    September 2018

    27 Sep

    Public preview: Azure Cost Management

    Azure Cost Management is in preview. It can help you understand how and where you're accruing costs in the cloud, and how to keep costs down.

    26 Sep
    26 Sep

    Public preview: Read replicas for Azure Database for MySQL

    Azure Database for MySQL supports up to five read-only replicas within the same Azure region (public preview).

    26 Sep

    General availability: Automatic OS image upgrade in virtual machine scale sets

    It is easy to enable automatic OS image updates in Virtual machine scale sets for the most popular images.

    26 Sep

    Azure Virtual Machine Image Builder available in private preview

    Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Image Builder, now available in private preview, allows you to migrate your image building pipeline to Azure.

    26 Sep

    Azure Security Center innovations now available in preview

    Azure Security Center Secure Score, which provides visibility and recommendations to improve your security posture for Azure resources, is now available in preview.

    25 Sep

    Linux preview support of custom virtual networks on Azure Container Instances

    You can now provision Linux containers into new or existing virtual networks with Azure Container Instances. This support is in preview for Linux in two regions: West US and West Europe.

    25 Sep

    Azure Data Box is now available

    Azure Data Box is now available. Use Azure Data Box service when you want to transfer large amounts of data to Azure but are limited by time, network availability or costs.

    25 Sep

    Ultra SSD, a new Azure Managed Disks offering, now available in preview.

    Ultra SSD, a new Azure Managed Disks offering for your most demanding data-intensive workloads, is now available in preview.

    25 Sep

    Azure Data Box Edge now available

    Azure Data Box Edge is a physical network appliance, shipped by Microsoft, that sends data in and out of Azure. Data Box Edge is additionally equipped with AI-enabled edge computing capabilities that help you analyze, process, and transform the on-premises data before uploading it to the cloud.

    25 Sep

    Azure Data Box Gateway now in preview

    Azure Data Box Gateway is a virtual appliance that acts as a storage gateway and creates a link between your site and Azure Storage.

    25 Sep

    Azure Data Box heavy edition now available for petabyte-sized data transfers

    The Azure Data Box heavy edition is a secure, ruggedized appliance shipped to customers to facilitate petabyte-sized offline data transfers to Azure Storage.