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    November 2018

    7 Nov

    Azure portal November 2018 update

    See updates to the Azure portal in November 2018.

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    March 2018

    6 Mar

    Azure Marketplace third-party reseller services now use Azure monetary commitment

    As of 1st March 2018, third-party reseller services on the Azure Marketplace (in the provided list) will consume Enterprise Agreement monetary commitment.

    • Marketplace
    • Services

    February 2017

    6 Feb

    Announcing the new Azure Marketplace experience

    The new Azure Marketplace experience will help you discover and deploy products, deep dive for more info, and get hands-on experience.

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    May 2016

    26 May

    Azure Web Apps Gallery now supported only in Azure Marketplace

    Customers can no longer create gallery applications in the Azure classic portal, but they can create these applications in the Azure portal and take advantage of the features there.

    • App Service
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    12 May

    Test-drive feature is now available on Azure Marketplace

    You can now try Azure Marketplace without an Azure subscription or making a payment.

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