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    October 2019

    8 Oct

    Azure DNS private zones is now generally available

    Announcing general availability of Azure DNS private zones. This is a production ready release containing several bug fixes and removes restrictions that public preview had.

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    June 2019

    26 Jun

    Announcing Preview Refresh for Azure DNS Private Zones

    We are delighted to announce Refresh release for Azure DNS private zones (preview). The Preview Refresh introduces new functionality and lifts several restrictions that public preview had.

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    April 2019

    18 Apr

    General availability: Azure DNS in China regions

    Azure DNS is now generally available in Azure China regions.

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    January 2019

    28 Jan

    Azure DNS: Getting ready for DNS Flag Day

    Domains hosted on any Microsoft DNS service, including Azure DNS and Traffic Manager, will continue to work after DNS Flag Day. Customers don't need to take any action at this time.

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    September 2018

    25 Sep

    What is new in Azure DNS: Alias records

    Azure DNS now supports alias records for DNS zones.

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    24 Sep

    Azure DNS Alias Records Generally Available

    Azure DNS has a new feature available now: alias records This feature lets you map your DNS records to an Azure Traffic Manager profile or a public IP resource such that your DNS zone tracks changes to the IPs associated with those resources.

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    June 2018

    29 Jun

    Azure DNS SLA: Updated to 100%

    Azure DNS is being offered at 100% availability SLA, guaranteeing that valid DNS requests will receive a response from at least one Azure DNS name server 100% of the time.

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    April 2018

    17 Apr

    What is new in Azure DNS - Metrics and alerting

    Learn what is new in Azure DNS metrics and alerts.

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    March 2018

    22 Mar

    Public preview: Azure DNS Private Zones

    Azure DNS Private Zones is in public preview. This feature enables customers to host DNS zones within their virtual networks and it enables name resolution within and across virtual networks.

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    January 2018

    24 Jan

    General availability: Azure DNS in Microsoft Azure Government

    Azure DNS is now generally available in Azure Government.

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    August 2017

    9 Aug

    General availability: Azure DNS in Microsoft Azure Germany

    Azure DNS is now generally available in Microsoft Azure Germany.

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    September 2016

    26 Sep

    General availability: Azure DNS

    Azure DNS is generally available. The service is offered with a 99.99% availability SLA and is covered by Azure Support. General availability pricing will take effect from November 1, 2016.

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    March 2016

    3 Mar

    Azure DNS—supported in the Azure portal

    Azure DNS is fully supported in the Azure portal.

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    May 2015

    4 May

    Public preview: Azure DNS

    Azure Domain Name System (DNS) allows you to host your domains with your Azure apps. By hosting your domains in Azure, you can manage your DNS records by using your existing Azure subscription.

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