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Monthly updates for June 2020

25 Jun

Azure CLI June 2020 update


The Azure CLI continues to expand with support for new Azure services. This release includes 23 new modules to manage as many Azure services.

  • CLIs
  • SDK and Tools
24 Jun

Azure SDK for embedded devices


The new Azure Embedded C SDK is designed to allow small and embedded devices, such as IoT, to communicate with Azure services.

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • SDKs
  • File Storage
  • SDK and Tools
22 Jun

Azure SDKs—June 2020 release


The June 2020 release for the Azure SDKs include updates to these libraries: Cosmos DB (Java), Event Hubs, Azure Storage, and Text Analytics. Additionally, the following are now available in preview: Azure.Identity, Azure Search, Form Recognizer, and Service Bus.

  • SDKs
  • SDK and Tools
18 Jun

An update to Python SDK v2 for Azure IoT has been released


A new release of the Python SDK v2 for Azure IoT is now available. This update fixes issues with reconnection logic.

  • SDKs
  • SDK and Tools
15 Jun

Azure Quota REST APIs to manage service limits (quota) are now available in preview


Target availability: Q4 2020

Use Azure REST Quota APIs to manage the service limits (quota) of Azure Virtual Machines (cores/vCPU) and Azure Machine Learning (in preview). Take advantage of this capability to query current usage and quotas for the supported resources and update these limits.

  • Services
  • Features
  • SDK and Tools
12 Jun

Azure Sphere OS update 20.06 is now available for compatibility testing


The Azure Sphere OS quality update 20.06 is now available for evaluation via the retail evaluation feed. The release includes an OS update and an updated Linux SDK.

  • Operating System
  • SDK and Tools
9 Jun

Azure Service Fabric 7.1 First Refresh Release


The Azure Service Fabric 7.1 first refresh release includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for standalone and Azure environments.

  • Service Fabric
  • Services
  • SDK and Tools
  • Open Source
8 Jun

A new consolidated API version in Azure Monitor Logs is now available


A new API version for Azure Monitor Logs resource provider, 2020-03-01-preview, is now available. This API supports new functionality like customer-managed keys (CMK), bring your own storage (BYOS), along with other capabilities.

  • Azure Monitor
  • Log Analytics
  • SDK and Tools


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