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Monthly updates for Storage Accounts: May 2020

19 May

Azure Storage—Routing preferences now available for preview


Routing preferences provide the flexibility to optimise traffic to your Storage account for premium network performance by using the Microsoft global network or to help lower costs using the public Internet. Publish route-specific endpoints for your storage account. The preview is available for all Storage accounts located in France South, South Central US and the West Central US regions.

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14 May

Private endpoints for Azure Storage are now generally available in the Azure Government region


Private endpoints for Azure Storage are now generally available in the Azure Government region. Private endpoints provide secure connectivity to Azure Storage from an Azure virtual network. On-premises networks can also securely connect to a storage account using a private endpoint when that network is connected to a virtual network using Azure Express Route or VPN.

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14 May

Azure Private Link is now generally available in US Government regions


Azure Private Link now includes multiple new services available in GA.

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