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Azure high-performance computing (HPC) for machine learning and AI workloads

Versatile infrastructure for deep learning workloads

Take advantage of near-infinite CPUs and GPUs by running your compute-intensive deep learning workloads on an InfiniBand network or bare-metal Cray supercomputer—and seamlessly orchestrate your simulations on the cloud with Azure Batch and Azure CycleCloud.

Advanced analytics and machine learning as a service

Gain more insights by running inferencing models on top of your simulation data—on a fully configured environment using the software stack and hardware of your choice.

Leadership in AI research

Microsoft is at the forefront of building next-generation intelligent numerical methods. And, with the cloud scale of Azure, Microsoft is delivering reliable HPC infrastructure and tools to scientists and researchers who previously did not have access.

Explore breakthroughs made possible with AI on Azure HPC infrastructure

Whether it is with powerful remote workstations, clusters with near-infinite scale, big data analytics or machine learning, industries all over the world are achieving more with Azure HPC.


Roche develops first deep learning approach to somatic mutation detection

Roche Bioinformatics has developed a novel deep learning approach to detecting cancer mutations using Azure HPC infrastructure and workflow services.


Audi accelerates development of autonomous driving solutions

Audi uses Azure HPC, virtual machines and AI services to simulate autonomous driving scenarios using enormous volumes of data generated by vehicle sensors.


BP boosts safety, increases efficiency and drives business success

"We chose Azure Machine Learning because it offers a rich, end-to-end AI ecosystem that provides the features we need to bring solutions to market quickly."

Lance Goodship, Enterprise Architect, AI, BP
Munich RE

Munich Re analyses risks of climate change using machine learning and high-performance VMs

Munich Re has collected natural disaster data for over 40 years, but in the last decade the amount of data has multiplied to 3,000 TB. Using, Azure HPC, Munich Re can now better identify trends in that data to reduce vulnerabilities and losses.

University Health Network

University Health Network bridges the gap between cancer research and treatment

Scientists at UHN are using Azure HPC and AI services to create the first shared database where clinicians around the world will be able to run biopsy results through an algorithm to assist in treating cancer patients.


AccuWeather predicts weather impacts with cloud-based machine learning

"Azure really stands out from other clouds by providing out-of-the-box machine learning capabilities that are powerful yet customizable using R and Python. It's very important to our data scientists to have a cloud platform that plays well with open source."

Rosemary Yeilding Radich, Director, Data Science, AccuWeather

Accelerate scientific discovery with the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge

Perform cutting-edge research faster with intelligent capabilities on a specialised hardware and software stack.

Improving manual QA processes with real-time AI

Scientists work to solve global environmental challenges with Azure HPC

Microsoft researchers develop AI to power autonomous soaring

Develop your machine learning solution with an Azure HPC industry partner

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