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Engineering Design with Azure Big Compute

Create optimal designs using the power of Big Compute

Key scenarios

  • High performance computing resources available on demand
  • Elastic resource provisioning for simulations
  • Storage and networking capabilities that scale
  • Optimised ISV solutions
  • Pay-for-use pricing

Run simulations on world-class HPC infrastructure

In industries such as automotive, consumer goods and discrete manufacturing, engineers use simulation-driven design processes to reduce time to market. They need the ability to analyse and simulate complex high-fidelity models without having to build, manage or maintain capital-intensive infrastructure. Azure provides HPC computing on demand, helping reduce the cost and effort needed to run massive computational models. 

Big Compute can help solve a variety of simulation problems, such as:

  • Automotive crash simulation
  • Electromagnetic simulation
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Stress analysis
  • Computation fluid dynamics, fluid flow and aerodynamics
  • Metal forming and extrusion
  • NVH (noise vibration harshness and durability/fatigue)
  • Consumer device drop test and durability

Stay focused on design

Big Compute gives you the tools and resources you need to solve complex simulation problems. You can validate designs and use statistical modeling techniques like design of experiments (DOE) and optimisation to run hundreds or even thousands of simulations using high-fidelity models. With high-end compute and storage capabilities readily available on demand, you can run any number of simulations to find optimal design solutions. Use the speed and performance of Azure to quickly hone in on the right design. Create exciting products, reduce time to market and drive the design instead of merely validating design choices.

Use enterprise-ready capabilities

Burst to Azure for additional power or run your simulations entirely in the cloud. Build a cluster in the cloud to run new workloads or add capacity in Azure when you need it. Use your existing job schedulers and access compute capacity on demand. Azure provides a secure platform to run the applications you want in the cloud on operating systems such as Windows and Linux.

Easily deliver software-as-a-service

Whether you are an ISV, system integrator or enterprise organisation, Big Compute gives you a rich set of tools to build a software-as-a-service offering that delivers superior value to your users. Give them easy access to your solution and reach new customers. Focus on your core business and reduce expenditures in infrastructure management and middleware.

Expand your reach

To expand your reach to businesses of any size around the world, you can offer your application in Azure Marketplace. Users benefit from application availability, fast deployment and integrated infrastructure for a consistent experience.

Get started with Azure Big Compute today

HPC Pack provides you with deployment, administration, job scheduling and monitoring tools for your cluster environment. It also gives you the ability to burst from on-premises clusters to Azure when additional capacity is needed. Check out the HPC Pack for Infrastructure Services image in the Azure Marketplace.


At UberCloud, we develop solutions for technical computing in the cloud. We believe end users should have the opportunity to pick their favourite cloud and their favourite technical computing code; the rest should just automatically work. With Microsoft Azure, we have been able to do just that.

Burak Yenier, CEO, TheUberCloud

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