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Solution architecture: Back up on-premises applications and data to cloud

Back up data and applications from an on-premises system to Azure using Azure Backup or a partner solution. An Internet connection to Azure is used to connect to Azure Backup or Azure Blob storage. Azure Backup Server can write backups directly to Azure Backup. Alternatively, a partner solution such as Commvault Simpana or Veeam Availability Suite, hosted on-premises, can write backups to Blob storage directly or via a cloud endpoint such as Veeam Cloud Connect.

This solution is built on the Azure managed services: Backup Server, Azure Backup and Blob Storage. These services run in a high-availability environment, patched and supported, allowing you to focus on your solution instead of the environment they run in.

Fazer cópias de segurança de aplicações no local e dados na cloudFaça cópias de segurança de dados e aplicações a partir de um sistema no local para o Azure com o Azure Backup ou uma solução de parceiro. É utilizada uma ligação à Internet ao Azure para ligar ao Azure Backup ou ao armazenamento de Blobs do Azure. O Azure Backup Server pode escrever cópias de segurança diretamente no Azure Backup. Em alternativa, uma solução de parceiro, como o Commvault Simpana ou o Veeam Availability Suite, alojada no local, pode escrever cópias de segurança diretamente no armazenamento de Blobs ou através de um ponto final na cloud, como o Veeam Cloud Connect.on-premisesOption 1 - Use native Azure BackupOption 2 - Use 3rd party backup appson-premisesVirtual MachinesVirtual MachinesAzure Backup ServerVirtual MachinesVirtual MachinesAzure Storage(blob)Azure BackupCommvault SimpanaApp/Item level restoreInternetVCC for EnterpriseorApp/Item level restoreInternet

Implementation guidance

Products/Description Documentation

Backup Server

Azure Backup Server orchestrates the backup of machines and manages the configuration of the restore procedures. It also has two days of backup data for operational recovery.

Azure Backup

Azure Backup service runs on the cloud and holds the recovery points, enforces policies and enables you to manage data and application protection. You do not need to create or manage an Azure Blob storage account when using Azure Backup.

Blob Storage

Blob storage that partner solutions such as Commvault connect to for backing up data and applications. You need to create and manage Azure Blob storage when using partner solutions.


Commvault Simpana is an example of a partner solution to back up or archive your data and applications to Azure. This runs on a virtual machine on-premises.

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