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Digital and application innovation

Innovate to grow your business sustainably, stay competitive, and increase efficiency.

Build on an end-to-end platform for innovation

Digital and application innovation drive business outcomes. The ability to deliver differentiated and flexible customer experiences, improve teamwork and well-being, and adapt and scale to new business models and ways of working will determine your organization's success. Build your next stage of growth with the advantage of a complete cloud innovation ecosystem on Azure.

Drive your business outcomes forward on Azure

Scale sustainably with a holistic cloud strategy

Take full advantage of the cloud to adapt, grow, and embrace new processes, insights, and business models. Increase the speed of innovation without compromising reliability and security—whether you're creating AI-driven, cloud-native apps or just starting to modernize your existing apps and databases.

Create modern, cloud-native apps

Modernize your app and data experiences

Migrate your web apps

Compete by delivering best-in-class digital experiences

Stay relevant by providing differentiated digital experiences that keep you at the forefront of competition. Use cloud-powered, data-driven insights, AI, and mixed reality to predict your customers' needs and meet them with innovative solutions that deliver results for your business scenarios.

Transform data into insights

Build and deploy your own AI solutions

Bring mixed reality experiences to life

Empower digital innovation across your organization

Create a culture of innovation that improves and amplifies developers' work and well-being. Enable your team to focus on what matters to them while increasing their efficiency. Empower all employees with the right tools and environment to innovate, collaborate, grow, and build on their own terms.

Increase Developer Velocity

Adopt DevSecOps processes

See how customers are innovating with Azure

Empowering pharmacists with data

 Empowering pharmacists with data

"The platform we've built with Azure resources is helping us empower our pharmacists and technicians. It offers them the tools they need to effectively engage with patients, and that creates major benefits for our customer experiences."

Luigi Guadagno, Vice President, Pharmacy and HealthCare Platform Technology, Walgreens

A scientist looking through a microscope in a lab

Building a security-first application platform

 Building a security-first application platform

"Today, with automated security controls embedded into their workflows, developers get instant feedback and can fix things right away. Such capabilities make us much more predictable in our deliveries to the business."

Rida Aatif, Head of the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Team, Gjensidige

Gjensidige building

Scaling live, interactive customer experiences

Scaling live, interactive customer experiences

"Right now, our platform is able to handle tens of thousands of users. In the future, we want to take that to hundreds of thousands of users and, soon, millions. And we're going to do that through the power of Microsoft Azure."

Samuel Worsley, Co-founder, Live Tech Games

A person playing a mobile game

Improving customer experiences with effective chatbot answers

Improving customer experiences with effective chatbot answers

"We use custom question answering to make updates, program answers, and easily create custom dialogue flows anytime we see a new question popping up with frequency—all without driving up incremental IT effort."

Matt White, Technology and Innovation Manager—Acquisition Experience Team, Progressive Insurance

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