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Azure FXT Edge Filer

Hybrid storage optimisation solution for HPC environments

Build hybrid storage ready for performance

Create cloud-integrated hybrid storage that works with your existing network-attached storage (NAS) and Azure Blob Storage. This on-premises caching appliance optimises access to data in your datacenter, in Azure or across a wide-area network (WAN). A combination of software and hardware, Microsoft Azure FXT Edge Filer delivers high throughput and low latency for hybrid storage infrastructure supporting high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

Available in two models to fit performance and capacity needs and scalable to 24 nodes as demand grows

High-performance DRAM for faster access to data and large SSD cache sizes to support big data workloads

Single mountpoint for simplified management across heterogeneous storage

Support for multiple protocols and vendors, including NFSv3, SMBv2, NetApp, Dell EMC Isilon, Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3

Get massive NAS performance scaling

Scale-out clustering provides non-disruptive NAS performance scaling. Join up to 24 FXT nodes per cluster to scale to millions of IOPS and hundreds of GB/s. When you need performance and scale in file-based workloads, Azure FXT Edge Filer keeps your data on the fastest path to processing resources.

Keep aging data accessible with an active archive

Managing data storage is easy with Azure FXT Edge Filer. Shift aging data to Azure Blob Storage to keep it easily accessible with minimal latency. Balance on-premises and cloud storage. Access important research and content without long retrieval times, even after peak periods.

Hide WAN latency and accelerate access to important data

Access low-latency data at remote sites without compromising the simplicity of managing centralised data. Retrieve files quickly while backup, mirroring and other data-protection activities run seamlessly in the core datacenter.

6600 model

  • Highest performance, largest cache
  • Specifications per node:
    • 1,536 GB DRAM
    • 25.6 TB SSD
    • 6 x 25/10 gigabit network ports
    • Minimum three-node cluster
    • Uses AES-256 encryption

6400 model

  • High performance, large cache
  • Specifications per node:
    • 768 GB DRAM
    • 12.8 TB SSD
    • 6 x 25/10 gigabit network ports
    • Minimum three-node cluster
    • Uses AES-256 encryption

Extend your hybrid storage to the cloud

Expand NAS arrays to Azure while adding a performance tier that accelerates access to files. The WAN caching appliance nestles close to your on-premises compute and minimises network latency for heavy read workloads stored in NAS or Azure Blob Storage.

Upgrade from Avere FXT Edge Filer

Azure FXT Edge Filer offers higher performance, increased capacity and more network expandability than past Avere models. Expand your existing Avere FXT Edge Filer 5000 Series models or upgrade other Avere model clusters to get hardware built by Dell EMC and stellar hybrid storage optimisation.

Easy Subscription Pricing

Azure FXT Edge Filer software is conveniently sold as a subscription that includes support and upgrades. Choose from two hardware models to match your performance and capacity needs.

Getting started

Create your Azure free account if you do not already have one.

Contact your Microsoft account team or request information to order Azure FXT Edge Filer software and hardware.

Get ready by reviewing documentation details.

Digital Domain

"I've been running my production renders on Avere FXT clusters for years and wanted to see how the new Azure FXT 6600 stacks up. Setup was easy as usual, and I was impressed with the new Dell hardware. After a week of lightweight testing, I decided to aim the entire render farm at the FXT 6600 cluster and it delivered the performance required without a hiccup and room to spare."

Mike Thompson, Principal Engineer, Digital Domain

Frequently asked questions about Azure FXT Edge Filer

  • Azure FXT Edge Filer is a combination of software and hardware. It provides an on-premises cache to accelerate access to network-attached storage and to connect on-premises environments to Azure storage.
  • Azure FXT Edge Filer offers higher performance, increased capacity and better reliability. Dell EMC now builds the appliances, which also offer improved specifications and easier access to Azure Blob Storage.
  • Upon general availability, Azure FXT Edge Filer will be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea and Taiwan. More will be added in the following months.
  • No. Microsoft or CSP Qualified Partner sells the software, while a systems integrator sells the hardware. However, the Azure FXT Edge Filer arrives to you with the software factory loaded as an integrated appliance.
  • Contact your Microsoft Account Team or use this inquiry form. The team will work with you to validate your use case, architecture and expectations and help you order, install and deploy the solution with appropriate partners.

Boost hybrid storage performance with Azure FXT Edge Filer

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