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Azure Active Directory integration

Streamline sign-in and deploy your application companywide. Enable single sign-on, automate user provisioning or call Microsoft Graph APIs.

Build applications and services that integrate with Azure AD

Accelerate adoption of your application in the enterprise by supporting single sign-on and user provisioning and enrich your application by connecting to user data with Microsoft Graph. Join the thousands of applications already integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Single sign-on reduces sign-in friction and gives users easy access to your app or website

User provisioning helps automate the creation, maintenance and removal of user accounts

Microsoft Graph lets you create rich applications by connecting to users' mail, calendar and contacts

Azure AD supports open industry standards such as OAuth 2.0, SAML and SCIM for easy integration

Reach enterprise customers

Allow users to sign in with their Microsoft work or school account. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure AD, the sign-in engine for Office 365.

Reduce support costs

Azure AD handles the maintenance, administration and infrastructure costs associated with identity and access management.

Help secure data and resources

Extend Azure AD security features to your application. Meet enterprise security and governance requirements to help customers protect their data and resources.

Focus on innovation

Spend more time building innovative features for your application and less time building solutions for identity and access management.

Organisations that have integrated with Azure AD


See how partners have integrated with Azure AD

"If you want to sell to enterprise customers now, you have to offer single sign-on in your solution. Azure AD is so popular with those enterprise customers, it's a must-have if you want to work with them."

Guy Asinofski, Software Engineer,

"Azure AD provides that layer of security and assurance that IT managers and organizations are looking for. Our customers need the ability to streamline access that automatic provisioning and SSO provide."

Lawrence Han, Enterprise Product Manager, Asana

"Azure AD, which works on SAML, is standards based and allows the user to easily interact with our service with single sign-on. That makes deploying our service much easier."

Dhawal Sharma, Senior Director of Product Management, Zscaler

Developer resources


Learn how to enable single sign-on and automatic user provisioning for your application. Use Microsoft Graph REST APIs to programmatically manage and access data in Azure AD.

Quickstarts and tutorials

Read the Microsoft identity platform overview for quickstarts, tutorials and guides on how to add authentication to your applications and services.

Identity standards and protocols

Read the Identity Standards Blog to learn best practices and better understand the technical details of standards and protocols such as FIDO2, OAuth, OpenID Connect and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Integrate your application with Azure AD

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