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The Business Value of Microsoft Azure for ISVs

Published: 29-05-2020

Learn how hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs) increased productivity and cut operational costs by choosing Azure as their strategic cloud partner. Read this IDC white paper commissioned by Microsoft to see how ISVs around the world met growing customer demands for agile, intelligent microservices by using the Azure cloud platform. 

Download the white paper to see how these ISVs experienced on average:

  • 59 percent increase in annual profits overall.
  • 44 percent increase in annual revenue from cloud offerings.
  • 58 percent faster time to market for new products and services, and 3.5 times more new offerings.
  • Faster release cycles and a 30 to 40 percent gain in app development productivity through agile development and automated testing.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs, shorter buying cycles and new opportunities for customer retention. 


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