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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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Deploys Windows VMs under LB,configures WinRM Https

This template allows you to deploys Windows VMs using few different options for the Windows version. This template also configures a WinRM https listener on VMs

pavanadepu2 by Pavan Adepu,
Last updated: 22-07-2021

Autoscalable Mahara on Azure

Deploys an autoscaling Mahara cluster with configurable Azure MySQL/Postgres and Elasticsearch. Can be configured for very small or very large sites. Deploys frontend components to a private network with a jumphost to access nodes. Requires keyed SSH access.

Last updated: 22-07-2021

SQL Injection attack on a web app

This will deploy 2 application gateways, a web app, a SQL server and database, OMS and other network resources. One app gateway is in detection mode and other is in prevention mode. Perform the SQL injection attack by following the guidleines and execute the scenario for mitigation and prevention of a SQL injection attack.

girishjaju by girishjaju,
Last updated: 21-07-2021

Azure Container Instances - Linux container with emptyDir

Deploy two Linux containers that share an emptyDir volume using Azure Container Instances.

zhedahht by Harry He,
Last updated: 21-07-2021

Basic RDS farm deployment

This template creates a basic RDS farm deployment

MahendraAgrawal by MahendraAgrawal,
Last updated: 21-07-2021

Moesif API Analytics and Monitoring

The template will deploy an EventHub and WebJob that will log API calls from Azure API Management to Moesif API analytics so you can understand customer API usage and debug issues quickly.

Moesif by Moesif,
Last updated: 21-07-2021

Disable encryption on a running Linux VM.

This template disables encryption on a running Linux vm

krkhan by Kamran Khan,
Last updated: 20-07-2021

Azure Resource Optimization (ARO) Toolkit

The Azure Resource Optimization Toolkit is a decentralized, native Azure solution using serverless technologies to optimize Azure resources on your subscription. Optimization happens automatically on your subscription once you enable or create your own schedule, including on new resources. This is an Azure Automation account with preconfigured runbooks and schedules you can utilize on your subscription to start saving money.

toddrob by Todd Robertson,
Last updated: 20-07-2021

Create a SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster Deployment

This template creates 5 new Azure VMs, each group load balancer and a VNet. It configures a primary and backup AD Domain Controller for a new Forest and Domain, two SQL Servers and witness in AlwaysOn configuration

Last updated: 20-07-2021

Install Elasticsearch cluster on Virtual Machines

This template deploys an Elasticsearch cluster on Virtual Machines using linked templates. The template provisions 3 dedicated master nodes, with an optional number of client and data nodes, which are placed in separate availability sets and storage accounts. The template also provides the option of deploying a standalone Marvel cluster.

trentmswanson by Trent Swanson,
Last updated: 20-07-2021

Elasticsearch cluster, Kibana and Logstash for Diagnostics

This template deploys an Elasticsearch cluster and Kibana and Logstash VMs. Logstash is configured with an input plugin to pull diagnostics data from existing Azure Storage Tables.

Skantha by Skantha Kandiah,
Last updated: 17-07-2021

Create a new AD Domain with 2 DCs using Availability Zones

This template creates 2 VMs in separate Availability Zones to be AD DCs (primary and backup) for a new Forest and Domain

bmoore-msft by Brian Moore,
Last updated: 17-07-2021

Subnet-driven deployment

This template creates en environment with multiple subnets and the servers (one DC and two members) associated with. If the number of subnets varies, the servers are adjusted automatically. It illustrates several ARM concepts, such as outputs, array as parameters

JF6 by JF6,
Last updated: 17-07-2021

Deploys SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn AG on existing VNET & AD

This template creates three new Azure VMs on an existing VNET: Two VMs are configured as SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Group replica nodes and one VM is configured as a File Share Witness for automated cluster failover. In addition to these VMs, the following additional Azure resources are also configured: Internal load balancer, Storage accounts. To configure clustering, SQL Server and AlwaysOn within each VM, PowerShell DSC is leveraged. For Active Directory support, existing Active Directory domain controllers should already be deployed on the existing VNET.

robotechredmond by Keith Mayer,
Last updated: 17-07-2021

Enterprise Governance-AppService, SQL DB, AD, OMS, Runbooks

Cloud adoption for an Enterprise, small or large, require responsible and efficient governance models to derive value from their cloud deployments. CloudWise (a code-name for the solution), is a composite solution available from Azure Partner QuickStarts, is an adoption enabler for Customers, System Integrators and Partners alike, that delivers a self-serviceable, automated governance and operations solution, focused on Optimizing Your Costs, Improve Your Application(s) Reliability, Reducing Business Risk. The solution highlights the core governance pillars of Visibility and Control.

consultguru by Gururaj Pandurangi,
Last updated: 17-07-2021

Remote Desktop Services with High Availability

This ARM Template sample code will deploy a **Remote Desktop Services 2019 Session Collection** lab with high availability. The goal is to deploy a fully redundant, highly available solution for Remote Desktop Services, using Windows Server 2019.

mvaferreira by Marcus Ferreira,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

Deploy a VM Scale Set with Windows VMs in Availability Zones

This template allows you to deploy a VM Scale Set of Windows VMs using the lastest patched version of various Windows Versions. These VMs are behind a load balancer with NAT rules for rdp connections.

gatneil by Neil Sant Gat,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

OMS Active Directory Security Audit Solution

Active Directory Security Audit Solution

AsithaD by AsithaD,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

OMS Service Bus Solution

Monitors Azure Service Bus instances

tianderturpijn by Tiander Turpijn,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

XSS attack on a web app

This will deploy 2 application gateway , a web app, a sql server and database, OMS and other network resources. One app gateway is in detection mode and other is in prevention mode. Perform the XSS attack by following the guidleines and execute the scenario for mitigation and prevention of a XSS attack.

girishjaju by girishjaju,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

Create a Redis Cache using a template

This template creates an Azure Redis Cache with diagnostics data kept in a storage account.

steved0x by Steve Danielson,
Last updated: 15-07-2021

Deploy a 3 Nodetype Secure Cluster with NSGs enabled

This template allows you to deploy a secure 3 nodetype Service fabric Cluster running Windows server 2016 Data center on a Standard_D2 Size VMs. Use this template allows you ro control the inbound and outbound network traffic using Network Security Groups.

ChackDan by Chacko Daniel,
Last updated: 15-07-2021

Create an on-demand SFTP Server with persistent storage

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone by Ben Hummerstone,
Last updated: 14-07-2021

Create a WordPress site

This template creates a WordPress site on Container Instance

wenwu449 by Wenjun Wu,
Last updated: 14-07-2021