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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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Deploy Solace PubSub+ message broker onto Azure Linux VM(s)

This template allows you to deploy either a standalone Solace PubSub+ message broker or a three node High Availability cluster of Solace PubSub+ message brokers onto Azure Linux VM(s).

SolaceDev by Solace Systems Development,
Last updated: 21-02-2022

Enable Microsoft Sentinel

Enable Microsoft Sentinel, a scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution.

KostaS10 by Kosta S,
Last updated: 21-02-2022

Log Analytics workspace with solutions and data sources

Deploys a Log Analytics workspace with specified solutions and data sources

tw3lveparsecs by tw3lveparsecs,
Last updated: 30-01-2022

AKS Cluster with a NAT Gateway and an Application Gateway

This sample shows how to a deploy an AKS cluster with NAT Gateway for outbound connections and an Application Gateway for inbound connections.

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 26-11-2021

Log Analytics workspace with VM Insights, Container Insights

Deploys a Log Analytics workspace with VM Insights, Container Insights solutions and diagnostics.

joshuawaddell by Joshua Waddell,
Last updated: 02-08-2021

Create a Private AKS Cluster with a Public DNS Zone

This sample shows how to a deploy a private AKS cluster with a Public DNS Zone.

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 30-07-2021

OMS Service Bus Solution

Monitors Azure Service Bus instances

tianderturpijn by Tiander Turpijn,
Last updated: 16-07-2021

OMS Solution - Hyper-V Replica

A template for creating an OMS solution to monitor Hyper-V replica.

bentaylorwork by Ben Taylor,
Last updated: 13-07-2021

OMS Automation solution

Azure Automation solution for OMS

CFullerMVP by Cameron Fuller,
Last updated: 13-07-2021


Adds the SCOM ACS custom Solution into an OMS Workspace

AErmie by Adin Ermie,
Last updated: 13-07-2021

S2D Management Solution

Enables monitoring of S2D clusters with OMS.

slavizh by Stanislav Zhelyazkov,
Last updated: 09-07-2021

AKS cluster with the Application Gateway Ingress Controller

This sample shows how to deploy an AKS cluster with Application Gateway, Application Gateway Ingress Controller, Azure Container Registry, Log Analytics and Key Vault

paolosalvatori by Paolo Salvatori,
Last updated: 18-06-2021

Add an existing storage account to OMS

This template adds a storage account into OMS Log Analytics and select multiple tables for ingestion.

krnese by Kristian Nese,
Last updated: 11-06-2021

OMS Kemp Application Delivery

Kemp Application Delivery solution for OMS

brandubh by Daniele Grandini,
Last updated: 09-06-2021

OMS - Azure VM Inventory Solution

Enables Azure VM Inventory Solution in OMS. Solution collects Azure VM inventory along with disks, networking components, NSG rules and extensions into OMS workspace.

thebitstreamer by thebitstreamer,
Last updated: 09-06-2021

OMS - Azure Resource Usage Solution

Solution brings billing infortmation about Azure Resources into OMS. Cost of resources can be displayed in different currency and locale.

Volkanco by Volkan Coskun,
Last updated: 09-06-2021

OMS VMM Analytics

Provides a single view of the jobs' status across multiple VMM instances that helps you gain insight about the health & performance of these jobs.

veharshv by Harsh Vardhan Verma,
Last updated: 24-05-2021