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Azure Quickstart Templates

Deploy Azure resources through the Azure Resource Manager with community contributed templates to get more done. Deploy, learn, fork and contribute back.

What is Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager allows you to provision your applications using a declarative template. In a single template, you can deploy multiple services along with their dependencies. You use the same template to repeatedly deploy your application during every stage of the application lifecycle.

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Deploy a Cognitive Services Computer Vision API

A template for creating a new Cognitive Services Computer Vision API

olandese by Marco Mansi,
Last updated: 22-07-2022

Deploy a Cognitive Service Universal key

This template deploys all the Cognitive Services APIs Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of every developer?without requiring machine-learning expertise. All it takes is an API call to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making into your apps.

leestott by Lee Stott,
Last updated: 22-07-2022

Deploy a Cognitive Services Translate API

This template deploys a Cognitive Services Translate API. Microsoft Translator API is a neural machine translation service that developers can easily integrate into their applications websites, tools, or any solution requiring multi-language support such as website localization, e-commerce, customer support, messaging applications, internal communication, and more.

SychevIgor by SychevIgor,
Last updated: 22-07-2022