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Create a Storage Account

Last updated: 09-04-2021

This module allows you to create a storageAccount.

This Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template was created by a member of the community and not by Microsoft. Each ARM template is licensed to you under a licence agreement by its owner, not Microsoft. Microsoft is not responsible for ARM templates provided and licensed by community members and does not screen for security, compatibility or performance. Community ARM templates are not supported under any Microsoft support programme or service and are made available AS IS without warranty of any kind.


Parameter Name Description
location Specifies the Azure location where the key vault should be created.
storageAccountName Specifies the name of the storageAccount.
skuName Specifies the sku name for the storage account.
kind Specifies the type of storage account.
accessTier Required for storage accounts where kind = BlobStorage. The access tier used for billing.
minimumTlsVersion Set the minimum TLS version to be permitted on requests to storage.
supportsHttpsTrafficOnly Allows https traffic only to storage service if set to true.
allowBlobPublicAccess Allow or disallow public access to all blobs or containers in the storage account.
allowSharedKeyAccess Indicates whether the storage account permits requests to be authorized with the account access key via Shared Key. If false, then all requests, including shared access signatures, must be authorized with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
networkAclsBypass Specifies whether traffic is bypassed by the indicated service.
networkAclsDefaultAction Specifies the default action of allow or deny when no other rules match.

Use the template


New-AzResourceGroup -Name <resource-group-name> -Location <resource-group-location> #use this command when you need to create a new resource group for your deployment
New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -TemplateUri
Install and configure Azure PowerShell

Command line

az group create --name <resource-group-name> --location <resource-group-location> #use this command when you need to create a new resource group for your deployment
az group deployment create --resource-group <my-resource-group> --template-uri
Install and Configure the Azure Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface