How do I submit a technical support request by using Azure Support Benefits?

Access to Azure technical support requires a paid support plan. However, some Microsoft programmes could give you access to Azure technical support via Support Benefits even if you do not have a paid support plan. If you have these benefits, then from Azure Portal Support Request Submission, select “Additional Options” under the “Support Plan” step and enter your Access ID and Contract ID information to proceed. If you have not yet activated your technical support benefits, please do so by following these steps, depending on which programme entitles you to support benefits. You will need your Access ID and Contract ID to take advantage of your Azure Support Benefits. MSDN/BizSpark - Log in to the MSDN Management Portal and activate your support benefit by clicking the technical support link at the bottom of the page. The option listed below is only displayed if you are entitled for Technical Support Benefits. MPN/SCS - contact the MPN Regional Support Centre by going to From there, sign in to your MPN Account and contact support. Support for billing and subscription management issues is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription at no additional charge, so you do not need to use your technical support benefits to receive support from Microsoft for billing or subscription related issues.

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