How can I migrate / protect software which requires a persistent MAC address on the virtual machine?

Azure does not support persistent MAC addresses, and so software with MAC based license models can't be used for both on-premises to Azure migration or disaster recovery.

Azure Site Recovery

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  • Please refer to the licensing terms of your third-party application.

  • Oracle provides licence mobility for customers who want to run Oracle software on Microsoft Azure. See Licensing Oracle Software in the cloud computing environment. Oracle’s partnership with Microsoft enables customers to deploy Oracle software in Microsoft public and private clouds with the confidence of certification and support from Oracle. You can refer the Oracle Data Recovery Licencing paper for details.

  • These server products should be licenced via your SPLA on the basis in which the servers are normally licenced in SPLA (Per Core, Per User and so on).

  • The servers need to be fully licenced with Windows Server licences. If the customer has active Software Assurance coverage on their Windows Server at the primary site, they may deploy Windows Server at the secondary site through the Disaster Recovery Software Assurance benefit for non-production disaster recovery purposes only. Consult the Product Use Rights (PUR) to determine if customer usage meets the Disaster Recovery Software Assurance benefit criteria.

  • Azure is broadly certified to run SAP solutions on Azure—both current generation platform (NetWeaver) and next generation platform (HANA). The certifications that SAP issues are based on a combination of Business Application (SAP product), Guest OS and relational database management systems. Learn more. Additional details can be found in SAP Notes on the SAP Support Portal.

  • Yes, even though Azure Site Recovery is free during the first 31 days of a protected instance, you might incur charges for Azure Storage, storage transactions and data transfer. A recovered virtual machine might also incur Azure compute charges.