What is the difference between Azure Bot Service and the Bot Framework SDK and tools?

Azure Bot Service is managed serviced which helps you create and manage conversational application on Azure through a single service. Use Azure Bot Service to create a bot, connect it to your customers on a variety of conversation channels, integrate other Azure services and learn about how your application is used through analytics.

The Bot Framework SDK provides the most comprehensive experience for delivering bots. It includes a set of open-source SDKs for building conversational experiences, the Bot Framework Emulator for locally testing and debugging your bot and a set of command-line tools to help you create and manage your bot’s different services more efficiently.

Azure Bot Services

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  • For new conversational experiences, use Bot Framework SDK V4. Whereas customers found the dialog models in Bot Framework SDK V3 to be too rigid and constraining, Bot Framework SDK V4 is modular and extensible. It provides the foundation for bot templates and solution accelerators. If you already have Bot Framework SDK V3 bots in production, they will continue to work as-is for the foreseeable future. Learn more on the Bot Framework FAQ page

  • With Microsoft, you get powerful conversational AI and natural language understanding, open-source Bot Framework, enterprise-grade support and complete ownership and control of your data.

  • QnA Maker helps you create a bot that conversationally answers questions covered in your documentation, like an FAQ page. Learn more about how QnA Maker works

  • Virtual Assistant is different from Cortana, Alexa or Google Assistant because it lets you build a virtual assistant that embodies your brand personality. It also ensures ownership of all data resulting from customer interactions across a broad range of channels.

  • Yes, bots support speech through a Direct Line Speech channel.

  • To use the Virtual Assistant Android Client, please check out: https://microsoft.github.io/botframework-solutions/howto/samples/vaclient_android/

    You can see the comprehensive feature set for the Virtual Assistant Android Client here: https://microsoft.github.io/botframework-solutions/reference/samples/vaclient_android/