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Get hands-on experience with Kubernetes on Azure

Published: 07-05-2021

Accelerate development and improve your engineering team’s agility with Kubernetes. Learn how to build highly scalable applications using containers—and how to deploy and manage those containers at scale with Kubernetes on Azure.

Read the completely reviewed and updated Packt e-book, Hands-On Kubernetes on Azure, Third Edition and discover what is new, including security enhancements, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation and the latest supported technologies. Gain insight into building reliable applications in the new foreword by Kubernetes co-founder Brendan Burns.

Learn how to:

  • Use the Kubernetes dashboard to review clusters and deployed applications. 
  • Implement toolchains like Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Git. 
  • Move from code to container to Kubernetes cluster in minutes through automation and with built-in CI/CD and container health monitoring.
  • Automate your workflows by seamlessly integrating Azure Container Service  (AKS) with your favourite integrated development environment, CI/CD process and monitoring tools. 


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