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Five Principles for Deploying and Managing Linux in The Cloud with Azure

Published: 02-10-2018

Migrating to the cloud can have a positive impact on the cost, maintenance, scalability, elasticity and versatility of your IT infrastructure. 

In this O’Reilly e-book, author Sam Alapati examines five principles for successfully deploying and managing Linux in the cloud. Review examples from Azure and other cloud service providers. Explore best practices for moving your system out of your data center and into the cloud. Get a detailed overview of various types of cloud services and deployments. By better understanding cloud migration principles, your team will be ready to:
  • Assess and identify which Linux virtual machines (VMs) are adaptable in the cloud.
  • Determine and plan for your workload’s level of availability for new deployments.
  • Monitor your applications running on Linux across the entire stack.
  • Ensure your Linux VMs are secure and backed up.
  • Govern your cloud environment with policy management best practices.


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