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Database migration checklist—steps and resources for moving to the cloud

Published: 24-10-2019

Make your move to the cloud easier to manage. This database migration guide will help you build a solid plan and gain the biggest benefits. 

Download your free checklist for guidance and resources that are specific to your database environment. You’ll find help at every step as you:
  • Plan and get ready. Assess your on-premises resources. Find out where your database migration should start, who should be involved and how much you could save.
  • Begin your migration. Complete the schema, data and object migration. Discover tools, services and partners that can help you make the process seamless.
  • Improve cost-efficiency. Track and manage resource usage. Take advantage of opportunities to keep improving performance and reducing costs.
  • Secure and monitor. Keep your database protected against threats. Make sure your application performance and availability stay strong. 

Get what you need to set yourself up for success.