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Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook, Third Edition

Learn how to build scalable, serverless apps with these easy-to-follow recipes

Published: 04-05-2021

Spend more time building great apps and less time managing server infrastructure. Get your solutions to market faster using Azure Functions, a fully managed compute platform for processing data, integrating systems and building simple APIs and microservices. In this e-book you will find use cases, hands-on steps and tutorials for quickly configuring your own serverless environments. Explore best practices for Functions and learn how to:
  • Develop event-based handlers on a serverless architecture.
  • Test, troubleshoot and monitor Azure functions.
  • Automate administrative tasks from development through to deployment and maintenance.
  • Integrate Functions with other Azure services.
  • Build stateful serverless apps and self-healing jobs using Durable Functions.
Download the 399-page serverless computing e-book and get access to dozens of step-by-step recipes for quickly building serverless apps. 

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