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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Estimate the cost savings you can realize by migrating your workloads to Azure

Describe your infrastructure

Tell us about your existing on-premises infrastructure and our model will estimate the current cost of supporting your applications. The TCO Calculator helps you understand the cost areas which affect your applications today, such as server hardware, software licenses, electricity and labor.

Compare costs

The TCO Calculator recommends a set of equivalent services in Azure which will support your applications. Our analysis will show each cost area with an estimate of your on-premises spend versus your spend in Azure. There are several cost categories which either decrease or go away completely when you move workloads to the cloud.

See how much you can save

The TCO Calculator lets you create a customised business case to justify migration to Azure. You have the option to modify any assumptions so the model accurately reflects your business. The result is a detailed report which shows how much money you can save by moving to Azure.

Receive your assessment in three steps

It only takes a few minutes to get started. First, enter a few brief details about your current infrastructure. Then, review our assumptions. Finally, receive an executive summary and supporting details of the analysis.

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