Moyo Business Advisory

Moyo Business Advisory

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Moyo Business Advisory is a BBB-EE compliant South African company based in Gauteng with regional offices in Cape Town and Australia.
Whether you are planning to move to the cloud, an existing cloud user or not yet ready for the cloud, partnering with Moyo Business Advisory will translate to business value.

We Deliver Business Insights & Improved Decision Making
• Migrating BI to the cloud: Reducing the cost of traditional BI we have found is a major concern for traditional on premise BI solutions. We have you migrate these in a phased approach to the Azure cloud
• Analytics and Predictive Modelling: We are big on data, the bigger the better. Making use of Azure’s machine learning and data lake capability we can visualise your data as per your requirements

We Create Agile Organisations
• Deploy: Helping you quickly deploy or migrate software on Azure, our team of experienced solution architects will advise you on the best deployment strategy to the cloud
• Compute: By exploiting the huge and growing infrastructure offered on Microsoft Azure, you can get maximum benefit from your data
• Storage: Your data lives on 3 levels; hot, cold and archived. By reducing the maintenance overhead of your existing solution, Microsoft Azure can be used to reduce this overhead
• Big Data: There are numerous solutions on Azure that can be aligned to your specific need. We can create solutions that make use of large data sets, merge this with streaming data and give you the ability to not only monitor the as-is but also predict the next best action
• Visualize: Exploiting the feature rich Power BI is something we have done for clients. We can help you visualize your data whether it be local, in the cloud or a combination thereof
• Hybrid Solutions: Whatever the reason, data is often spread across numerous servers across geographical areas. We can help you migrate some or all of these to the cloud for maximum efficiency

Our Vision and Mission
Moyo is a Swahili word for “spirit”, “heart” and “life” and is the embodiment of our culture. The vision to be market leader in solving business problems can only be done through appropriately skilled and well equipped resources.
Our mission is to provide you with these resources, value for money solution offerings and to build a long term successful relationship.

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