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Grey Matter

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Grey Matter offers a Microsoft approved and supported Microsoft Azure helpdesk and offers extensive knowledge and skills that can help your business make the right decisions to take advantage of the new Cloud services market.

We can help you answer the following critical questions through our dedicated Microsoft Azure help desk:

- How does Microsoft Azure fit into my business?
- How do I get started?
- Where can I get support and technical and development help from?
- How do I make sure I get the licensing model right?

And for Partners:

- How do I make myself visible to Microsoft?
- How do I transition my business to a Cloud model?

These are some of the ways Grey Matter together with our specialist partners can help your business:

- Take advantage of the extensive materials available to help you get started
- Help to define and build the business case to invest in a cloud based solution
- For partners - give guidance on how to profitably transform your business to a cloud based model, helping you to review your offerings to your customers and how you sell and market them
- Get your development team and your application ready for the Microsoft Azure platform.
- Consultatively align the correct Microsoft Azure package to your solution needs
- Give expert licensing and pricing advice during the planning stages and, for partners, with your customer opportunities
- For partners, help you gain traction with Microsoft, by highlighting high potential partners and helping you to create your value proposition to Microsoft.

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