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DB Best Technologies LLC

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Are you still on SQL Server 2005? As the April 12, 2016 end of support deadline is approaching fast, it is time to seriously think about modernization and upgrade.

Having your infrastructure and data environment secure and up-to-date is crucial for any organization. The reason for that is not only the constantly growing need to obtain more insights from your data: Multiple applications and systems developed 5-10 years ago are running on older versions of hardware, software, and legacy architecture, posing security and data management risks that stem from the termination of support of the outdated software and the malfunctioning of technological solutions at the end of their lifecycle.

There are five main trends that push customers to modernize their systems:
• Cloud Technology
• Mobile Development and Wearable Technology
• Big Data
• Social Networks
• Internet of Things Solutions

DB Best has been heavily investing in all these trends, and we have accumulated enough knowledge, expertise, and experience to help customers modernize their data infrastructure in any of these areas.

With over 10 years of data management experience, DB Best is helping multiple customers smoothly upgrade to SQL Server 2014 and/or Microsoft Azure. Our solution architects leverage Microsoft’s data platform and its latest features (such as in-memory feature, better compression, integration with Visual Studio, etc.) to achieve the performance, scalability, and security that our clients’ applications require while keeping the costs under control.

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