Credexo, Inc

Credexo, Inc

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We simplify collaboration with external business partners and vendors by enabling federated authentication & authorization across corporate boundaries.

Our customers have enjoyed the following benefits by implementing a federated trust between Active Directory and their business partner’s IT systems.
• One password/credential (ActiveDirectory) for the user to remember
• Single Sign-On to the Third Party application (When the user is inside the company)
• Immediate termination of access when an employee gets separated from the company
• Faster provisioning of access to third-party applications (Application only needs to maintain a shadow profile of the user)
• Temporary delegated access to Third Party applications

In addition to the above, federated access management also enabled the following business scenarios:

• Enable external user authentication to your SharePoint Farm environment
• Publish internally hosted Claims Aware application to the Internet
• Securely access published applications from mobile devices
• Simplified Join Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions(Eliminates the need for Active Directory Domain/Forest trust).

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