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A growing wealth of satellite and other overhead imagery is available for government and business intelligence. However, most of it goes untapped because of the labor-intensive task of labeling the content of the images.

Analysts can examine only a small portion of the available images - and they have to know in advance what they are looking for. Organizations need innovative tools and capabilities to more effectively mine their imagery for mission-critical insights.

Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consulting firm, has developed a remarkable new capability, known as Pixelate, that can address these challenges. Using the latest advances in machine learning and computer vision, Pixelate learns on its own to identify the content of images, rather than relying on analysts to do most of the work manually.

This automated process frees analysts to focus on the higher level search for insight - and it makes it possible for organizations to search vast amounts of overhead imagery, tracking changes and identifying previously unknown trends. Pixelate lets the images tell their own story.

Booz Allen's Pixelate has a wide range of government and business applications. Pixelate could be used for example, to detect buildups of military assets along borders, or monitor significant activity at naval bases. Analysts would not need to decide in advance which boards or bases to monitor - Pixelate sifts through all available satellite imagery to search for anomalies. In the oil and gas industry, Pixelate might examine satellite imagery to monitor changes in oil supplies at storage facilities, identify underground oil and gas reserves, detect suspicious activities near pipelines, or measure methane and other pipeline peaks.

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