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Allscripts Healthcare

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Allscripts offers several Microsoft Azure-powered solutions to help enable smarter care, delivered with greater precision, for healthier patients, populations and communities.

Health care is shifting away from traditional fee-for-service payment models. Providers are increasingly taking on risk-based arrangements that require better care at a lower cost – and carry the requirement of in-depth reporting and analysis. To succeed in this evolving industry, healthcare organizations must adopt IT solutions that deliver better care coordination, increase patient engagement, expand connectivity and data aggregation, and enable analytics to improve patient health.

In our new fee-for-value environment, healthcare providers must be able to exchange patient data and coordination activities across the care community. They need interoperable, secure technologies that enable compliance with multiple industry standards. Allscripts offers these solutions, built with the power of Microsoft Azure, to help providers:

• Improve the health of entire populations. Patient safety – and effective management of care, conditions and disease states – require providers to have the full picture of their conditions, medications and compliance. Allscripts Population Health Analytics (PHA), built on Azure, uses big data to manage health with comprehensive, real-time insights.

• Exchange data across care settings. No matter which electronic health record (EHR) healthcare organizations are using, they should be able to customize it efficiently with third-party applications and devices to meet the needs of the populations they serve. Allscripts Intelligent Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable providers to quickly adopt new innovations. Our FHIR APIs which will help organizations meet Meaningful Use 3 requirements have been built on Microsoft Azure.

• Engage patients in their own care. Studies show that an increasing majority of patients want secure online access to their personal health information. Allscripts FollowMyHealth® patient engagement platform enables patients to take ownership of their own health, while giving providers visibility to monitor progress and intervene as needed.

Diabetes is a complex and costly chronic disease. Confirming this condition in patients who are undiagnosed, and identifying those at highest risk, remains challenging. After extensive data aggregation and normalization of clinical, claims, laboratory and pharmacotherapy data, Azure helps enable the Allscripts PHA algorithms to go well beyond traditional methods (EHR only) and are validated on more than 40 million records to identify undiagnosed diabetic patients. Based on early data analysis with one large health system, it found that providers who only use traditional methods are identifying just 28% of their total diabetic population. Once Allscripts Analytics PHA helps identify the entire population, these insights help clinicians facilitate early intervention, address gaps in care and prevent disease progression.

Since 2007, Allscripts has partnered with software developers using APIs to interface with third-party applications and devices. Collectively, these applications have exchanged data more than two billion times in less than four years, marking the largest documented scaled use of modern APIs in health care.

Healthcare organizations are using the FollowMyHealth patient engagement platform to connect with patients and meet Meaningful Use requirements. Holzer Health System (Gallipolis, Ohio, U.S.A.) is a multi-disciplinary rural healthcare system, with 15 ambulatory locations and two hospitals. The organization tripled its enrollment to more than 12,000 patients within one year, bringing its total to 20,000 patients, and easily met the five percent secure messaging measure for Meaningful Use. Excela Health deployed a patient engagement tool that would be adopted by not only patients, but by more than 4,600 employees as well. Excela Health deployed FollowMyHealth to more than 20,000 users within two years and creates about 1,500 new accounts per month. It has also exceeded the Meaningful Use requirement to have more than five percent utilization – in both inpatient and outpatient settings – helping claim about $3 million in incentive funding.

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