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Extend your apps to 100 million active users

Add value to your apps with rich integration

Easily add business intelligence and automation to your app and make it indispensable to millions of users of Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

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Easily add powerful business intelligence

Today’s businesses demand more from their data to stay competitive. By embedding and connecting to Power BI, your customers can pull data and build dashboards for better decision making.

Visualise data from your app

Enable customers to build interactive reports in Power BI using data from your app with Data Connectors.

Deliver instant insights

Use Power BI content packs and your customers get prebuilt dashboards and reports.

Build analytics into your apps

Provide data visualisations and insights without leaving your app using Power BI embedded analytics.

Put your app at the center of your customer’s business

When your app works with everything, customers want to work with your app. Easily create connectors that allow your app to work with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, so your customers can easily automate more of their business processes and extend your apps to their own no-code line of business apps. Plus, when you build on Azure, Office 365 Enterprise Plan users get instant access to the connector for your app.

Make your app easily extensible

Add API connectors and make it easier for your customers to expand your app by building no-code apps with Microsoft PowerApps

Add value with automation

Embed Microsoft Flow into your apps and add API connectors to give your customers a simple way to automate tasks and business processes.

Make your apps smarter with your customer’s data

Building on the Microsoft Dataverse brings data from Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure Active Directory into one place for a single source of truth. Host all your app’s data or easily sync data from your own service.

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