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Cloud adoption readiness

Assess how ready your organisation and workloads are to move to Azure and get guidance, tools and help to move forward in your cloud journey

Get started the SMART way

Measure your readiness for moving to the cloud with SMART—the Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool—and get curated guidance and resources to help you make progress toward your cloud adoption goals.

Begin your assessment

Assess readiness across 10 key dimensions

Answer questions about your organisation and IT resources for a customised assessment of your:

  • Business strategy
  • Partner support
  • Discovery and assessment
  • Business case
  • Migration plan
  • Technical skills
  • Landing zone
  • Migration implementation
  • Governance
  • Management

Set goals and track your progress

Know exactly where you are in your cloud migration and modernisation journey and what you need to do next by setting goals and tracking your progress right in the tool. Rerun the assessment anytime as your plans or goals evolve.

Azure migration checklist

See a high-level walk-through of the cloud adoption process in this helpful cloud migration checklist and learn about offers and resources to help offset your costs and accelerate your cloud move.

The cloud adoption process at a glance

While your migration and modernisation plan will be unique to your organisation, here is an overview of the basic steps:

Identify and involve stakeholders

Reach out to key people throughout your organisation, including both IT and business stakeholders. Early engagement and support will lead to a smoother, faster cloud migration and modernisation process.

Create a strategic plan

Establish objectives and priorities for cloud migration and modernisation. Plan around major business events and identify quick wins, like moving applications with just a few dependencies to expedite your move.

Calculate total cost of ownership

Create a personalised business case for migration by using the total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to plan for costs and estimate your potential savings.

Discover and assess on-premises applications

Before migrating, create an inventory of all your on-premises servers and assess any virtual machine and app dependencies using Azure Migrate.

Get support for your implementation

Many organisations opt for outside help to support their cloud migration and modernisation projects. To move to Azure quickly and confidently with personalised assistance, consider working with FastTrack for Azure or partners who are certified migration and modernisation experts.

Build your team's skills

A solid training foundation is important for ensuring that everyone in your org experiences the full benefits of cloud adoption. Free training is available on Microsoft Learn, which includes courses on Azure fundamentals, solution architecture and security. Encourage your team to explore Azure certification, as well.

Know your cloud adoption options

There are several different cloud adoption strategies, including rehosting, refactoring and rearchitecting. To get off to a fast start, try rehosting—often referred to as "lift-and-shift" migration. This approach lets you start taking advantage of cloud benefits right away by migrating your apps as they are, without the time or expense of making code changes.

Pilot with a few workloads

Prove success in your cloud journey by assessing and migrating low complexity workloads as a pilot.

Migrate and modernise your remaining workloads to Azure

After a successful pilot, you will be ready to migrate or modernise at scale using Azure Migrate. Use learnings and tools from the pilot to complete your workload migration.

Decommission existing on-premises infrastructure

After a successful migration and verification, determine the decommissioning process for your on-premises systems. The goal is to reduce your IT overhead and time spent managing outdated infrastructure.

Optimise, secure and manage your migrated workloads

After migration, continue to optimise your cloud usage and savings using the guidance and tools found in Azure Cost Management and Azure Security Centre. Learn more about security and management best practices for migrating and modernising your digital estate.

Make the move to Microsoft Azure

Get the freedom you need to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive global network—on your own terms and using your organisation’s favourite tools and frameworks.


Focus on business innovation with fully managed Azure services and tools to modernise your applications.

Cost savings

AWS is 5x more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server. Learn how the savings add up with Azure Hybrid Benefit and Extended Security Updates.*

Security and compliance

Strengthen your security posture with the most compliance certifications of any cloud provider.

Get started

Find the tools and resources you need to migrate at your own pace in the Azure migration and modernisation centre.

Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme

Get the right mix of expert help to set up your cloud environment and move forward with confidence.

*Prices are as of 4th June, 2021 and subject to change. Actual regional pricing and program discounts may apply. Actual savings may vary based on region, instance size and performance tier. Savings exclude Software Assurance costs, which may vary based on Volume Licensing agreement. Contact your sales representative for more information.