Azure for retail

Deliver personal, seamless and differentiated experiences that engage your customers online and in stores. Using Microsoft Azure, you will be able to act on data-based insights about customers—across all aspects of your business—to drive profitability and growth.


“All the traffic that we had—and it was more than we ever had before—went through the new Azure architecture and it was remarkably trouble-free.”

Bob Strudwick, Chief Technology Officer

Engage customers with personalised retail experiences

When you gather and understand shopping behaviour data, you can anticipate customer needs and interests and respond with personalised offers and experiences across all your retail channels. With personalisation, you will increase the relevance of your brand, the effectiveness of your promotions and boost sales.

“In a world where we have 85,000 products on the site and 4,500 products going live each week, we need to make sure that the right subset of those products is in front of our consumers. Now, the products and content will be more relevant to you as a shopper.”

Bob Strudwick, Chief Technology Officer

Empower employees to provide outstanding customer service

Excellent customer service and guest satisfaction is critical to success in retail. Give your people tools that boost productivity, foster collaboration and promote sharing of insights about customer activity and more. A unified commerce offering with built-in social and mobile capabilities will let your people work effectivity and act quickly to deliver differentiated and personalised customer service.

Mark and Spencer
“We’re adapting technology to our needs so we can work together on a joint mission to do the best for our customers and colleagues.”

Carl Dawson, IT Director

Capitalise on data-driven insights to enhance revenue

With a reliable, secure and agile multi-channel platform for advanced analytics you can improve forecasting and make changes in real time to optimise for changing conditions. Predict customer demand, understand how to sell to increase loyalty and modernise your supply chain—all while keeping customer and employee data private and protected.

Coop Italia
“Dynamics AX is fulfilling our wish to have one system of record, one version of the truth, and a simplified applications portfolio, especially for the corporate office environment. The combination of those things coupled with business intelligence and reporting will yield efficiencies and improve our ordering in the ongoing months—we planned for this; it was part of how we made the decision to go with Microsoft Dynamics AX.”

Mike Tedder, Chief Operating Officer

Learn from your data to open new revenue streams

There is plenty of data out there. Use it to understand your customer and enhance existing offerings—and create new ones—to stand out from the competition. Get advanced insight into what your customers are saying about your products and respond with innovation.

Weka Health Solutions
“Technology such as Kinect and Azure combined with interactive shelves and digital screens helped us overcome some of the barriers that are typically encountered in today’s supermarkets, where cluttered aisles, vertical shelves and limited information are preventing potential interactions between customers, tainting purchase decisions, and blocking the view across the shop floor.”

Gabriele Tubertini, Chief Information Officer

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