Azure for the healthcare industry

Enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration and improve clinical and operational insights with Microsoft Azure.

Learn how health organisations are transforming with Azure

See why industry leaders trust Azure to help them create the future of healthcare across providers, payors, pharmaceuticals and life sciences organisations.

Enhance patient engagement

Sensoria Health built a continuous patient monitoring application for health providers to provide real-time, preventative care for diabetic patients.

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Empower health team collaboration

Northwell Health developed a clinician chatbot extension to Teams to accelerate searching through EMR systems, reducing queries from minutes to seconds.

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Improve clinical and operational insights

Providence St. Joseph Health halved the costs and time it took to develop reports on care analytics for their network of over 50 hospitals using Azure Data Lake.

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Protect health information

St. Luke’s University Health Network secures and protects over a million records of sensitive patient data with Azure.

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Reimagine healthcare

Adler Hey Children’s Hospital uses HoloLens in operating theaters, enabling surgeons to see up-to-date information on patients and better visualise procedures.

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Deliver trusted member experiences

Premera Blue Cross developed an intelligent virtual assistant that helps customers make the most of their health plans.

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Enhance care management capabilities

Walgreens Boots Alliance uses AI and machine learning to forecast 200 million item/store combinations so that 7 million daily customers can count on products being available.

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Reduce cost of care

Zelis has helped clients reduce healthcare spending by $24 billion in network and claims costs by using Azure Data Lake Analytics to reduce errors and waste.

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Protect health information

Lumen21 built their compliance platform on Azure to address HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other requirements in their cloud strategy.

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Empower health consumers

Roche Diagnostics uses IoT insights from in vitro diagnostics solutions to analyse customer usage data and provide tailored recommendations based on customer needs.

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Accelerate scientific innovation

Eagle Genomics uses Azure Cognitive Services to help scientists perform collaborative data-driven biological experiments at scale.

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Protect health information

LTL Pharma helps protect extremely sensitive health information, including their databases for adverse drug reactions, with Azure.

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Enhance workforce experience

Merk KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany uses Azure so that employees can build, store and share critical documents across a secure cloud-based platform, allowing them to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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Build operational agility

Darnista migrated its on-premises SAP system onto Azure, leading to 60 percent savings in infrastructure costs while boosting productivity.

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Deliver better experiences, better insights and better care with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare integrates the latest Azure capabilities for healthcare, including the Microsoft Health Bot and services for FHIR and more.

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See how Azure is shaping the future of healthcare

Continuous patient monitoring

Extend patient care beyond the hospital walls, reduce readmissions and manage disease through in-patient and remote patient monitoring.

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Operational analytics

Enable operational agility along healthcare systems and supply chains to reduce costs, respond with agility and optimise operations.

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Discover insights from genomic data using Microsoft Genomics service and Open Source solutions leveraging scalable storage and high-performance compute capabilities on Azure.

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Turn your ideas into innovation with trusted Azure products and services

Azure AI and machine learning

Deliver better health outcomes with personalised preventative care and insights, with services such as Azure Machine Learning and the Text Analytics for health feature in Azure Cognitive Services.

Azure API for FHIR

Rapidly exchange data in the HL7 FHIR standard format with a single, simplified data management solution. Securely manage protected health data, accelerate machine learning and enable secure exchange of health data within a global infrastructure.

Azure security

Gain peace of mind with built-in protection from the edge to the cloud and stay ahead of risks with intelligent monitoring tools built with powerful AI.

Azure Stack

Build and run hybrid applications across datacentres, edge locations, remote clinical facilities and the cloud.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Collect, store, process, analyse and visualise your clinical and operational data of any variety, volume and velocity to pave your way to smart healthcare.

Azure IoT

Securely connect health devices and equipment to the cloud with solutions to unlock real-time insights and enable system interoperability.

High-performance computing

Accelerate insights in genomics, precision medicine and clinical trials with a near-infinite bioinformatics infrastructure.

Mixed reality

Blend your digital world and physical world to create immersive, collaborative experiences across the operating room and other health facilities.

  • Be future-ready

    Modernise applications and have access to the latest innovative technologies, including advanced AI capabilities.

  • Build on your terms

    Create a unified data strategy using the open-source languages and frameworks of your choice and enable interoperability for cross-team collaboration and data sharing.

  • Operate hybrid seamlessly

    Obtain consistent performance and scalability across edge, hybrid and cloud environments.

  • Trust your cloud

    Stay up to date with evolving regulations to ensure comprehensive security and compliance coverage.

Learn about Azure compliance certifications

Azure has more than 90 compliance certifications to meet your regulatory and regional needs. See the regulations available in your region and read our compliance e-book to learn more.

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