Health care

Azure offers a platform to develop connected solutions which provide proactive, personalised healthcare across people and devices. Microsoft conforms to global standards in security and compliance to deliver on both technology and trust.

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Hamburg-Eppendorf university hospital

"What once took weeks to analyse can now be done reliably in just a few days. This is an enormous step forward for our research."

Professor Dr. Mascha Binder

Trusted security and compliance

The cloud is a powerful, less expensive way to innovate, but health organisations need to trust that sensitive information will stay secure and compliant. Microsoft platforms provide trusted cloud solutions which ensure that data is properly managed, protected, private and compliant.

D+R Medical
"We use Microsoft Azure because it can provide the security and compliance capabilities that we need. Microsoft was vital to us getting D+R Therapy HIPAA compliant, which opens the US market for the app. Because of Microsoft, we have been able to expand the business overseas much faster than we anticipated."

Vivian Austin, founding partner and technical lead, D+R Medical

Superior care, faster

Hospitalisation is the most expensive way to treat people. Using intelligent devices to take health measurements outside the care setting and pairing this with cloud-based analysis of this data to identify when measurements surpass acceptable thresholds allows caregivers to take corrective action before problems become serious enough to require hospitalisation.

Care Innovations
"Azure enables us to make changes quickly and repeatedly and that means that in addition to speeding testing processes, we can address different business requirements very quickly. We are working with smaller teams now, yet we are able to be far more effective and agile."

Matt Surico, Senior IT Systems Engineer, Care Innovations

Proactive, personalised healthcare

Patients visit their doctors, get treatment and leave. What happens after someone leaves, however, can determine whether they must come back or worse, end up in the hospital. With the right tools and platform, you can develop solutions avoiding this revolving door, allowing engagement to continue outside the care setting.

Poole Hospital NHS
"We built an enterprise platform for mobile clinical applications on top of a wide area network of shared records. Patients can use the platform to access their own health records and connect with their care communities."

Ian Denley, Chief Executive Officer, Shearwater Systems

Platforms that raise the quality of care

Smart devices can help reduce costs through more efficient management of facilities and operations, allowing organisations to invest more of their budget directly into health. Systems can communicate with smart devices to track the location of vital equipment like crash carts or even people, including both doctors and patients.

Weka Health Solutions
"We need to be able to manage 1,000 or more Fridges sitting in 1,000 or more locations around the world. To ensure robust and scalable messaging, we chose Microsoft Azure. It provides the middleware we need to manage communication between all our components. We found that what we get out of the box with Azure makes a very big difference in terms of implementation time and support going forward."

Alan Lowenstein, Chief Operating Officer, Weka Health Solutions

Conforms to global standards

With security and privacy embedded into the development of Azure, you can be secure in knowing that your data is safe and that we conform to global standards. You own and control your patients’ data, knowing how it is stored and accessed.

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