Azure for government

Improve your citizen services, innovate faster, increase efficiency and get world-class security.

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Increase citizen engagement

Give your citizens access to government services via a secure cloud platform, whenever and wherever they need them. Increase your agency’s productivity and protect its data while reducing management costs.

City of Los Angeles
"Digital is the only way to engage four million people. If you look at Pew Research Group, over 77% of Americans now have smartphones. With that kind of capability, whether you're on the bus, whether you're at your workplace, whether you're at home-if you can digitally connect with LA government, then you can get what you need to know when you need to know it."

Ted Ross, Chief Information Officer

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Empower your employees

Help your staff connect with colleagues and file reports from the field. Give them access to real-time information to help protect the public and collaborate as a team to develop strategies, without sacrificing security.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand
"We're using the Microsoft cloud to digitally transform IT services for our firefighters. With mobile access to a data hub in Azure, we're empowering emergency response crews with the right information at the right time."

Chris Cunningham, Business Solutions Manage

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Optimise your agency’s operational effectiveness

Deliver flexible, integrated and trusted productivity solutions to help with your digital transformation. Whether you are gaining insights from data analytics or bringing IoT into the way you do business, you’ll create better experiences for your citizens.

Johannesburg Roads Agency
"Find and Fix encourages active citizenship, and it enabled us to reduce the average time to resolve a service request from 32.4 days to less than a day."

Bertha Peters-Scheepers, Operations Manager: Marketing and Communications

Make better decisions with data analysis

Gain more value from your all your data. Develop new insights with powerful self-service data analysis tools and applications.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer
"When you look at the data, it paints a better picture and tells a richer story about what to do. That's how I see IoT being able to help the county analyze the data it has and likely make better decisions about planning and operations."

Andrew Wong, IT Manager

Heavy-duty vehicle with Microsoft Azure logo on forested road

Edge analytics

Learn how Microsoft and our partners bring data analytics and cognitive services to the edge. Explore examples of edge analytics in action—from disaster relief to power line inspection to public safety patrol.

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Get the broadest coverage for compliance and regulatory standards

Depend on datacenters and cloud services that meet or exceed the critical requirements needed for your agency’s workloads. And as regulations change, your compliance coverage will keep pace with their evolution.

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